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Valentine’s on the Horizon.

Woke up Monday morning feeling as though I had been fishing yesterday, but not surprising looking back on the day. If it is day after day you are used to it and get conditioned but it was so out of the blue. Quiet uneventful fishing after not too early a start, still a few prawns about but not in all the fleets, very much a patchwork of some good and some very poor. Bit of a grey day


with snatches of light.


A rarer but not too uncommon egg cluster comes up in the creel. Any one know what these eggs are going to grow up to be?


Tuesday evening and it was Community Council meeting with the usual on the agenda, Roads Dept with a list as long as your arm, NHS proposal on the table, can be sure it will not be extra services, PO proposed changes, again nothing but new loops and hoops to climb through, parking, all with in our remit but with very little power to do anything about these issues except to keep badgering the officials.

Not too much happening since with quite a bit of Netflix consumed, but still managing more book work especially on Wednesday. Been a bit lax with the dog walking although Dougal took it on himself to go on his own walk this morning. When Zuzu and Fuzzy headed out Dougal was waiting at their gate. Saw him coming back at the top of the road and when he saw me he came charging down the hill, ears flying back in the breeze. That is going to be a good photo if I ever get it. A happy picture and a good feeling to see your dog racing towards you, pleased to see you. Up a bit earlier this morning to fuel up the Auk and a few meals tonight, around the fifteen, so kept busy. Been amused by some of the comments on the Andy Wightman Blog post about Applecross, http://www.andywightman.com/archives/4124  have to say amused to keep me from feeling sad that some people still hold those views. It is not so much whether people agree or disagree with the land reform proposals, it is a complex issue, it what they tend to use to back their arguments. Got me thinking that if it was not for incomers then this place would be in a poor state. There would not be one child in the school if not for people coming in to live here. There is only one person working at the School who was born in Applecross, I am always wary of using “racist”language as that is what it is and prefer resident as opposed to incomer and the even more ludicrous indigenous. What is indigenous anyway, first generation, second, or may be born here. Seems to be a very subjective term and depends on one’s own status. Anyone prepared to live here, and it is not an easy choice although it has its compensations, and prepared to participate is welcome as far as I am concerned. Not only the School, the Inn, the Walled Garden, the Campsite, the Ice cream, the Community Company ,the Community Hall, Health Service, Coal Shed and almost all tourist outlets have healthy elements of incomer participation. What a sad place it would be without some fresh-faced impetuous to keep us going in the right direction. The opinions of those who are against any form of change whether it is land reform, or crofting, or fishing are living in a past era that has gone and does not exist. It must be hard to still hanker after a bygone era. I do that sometimes but it is not with regret. I look back and enjoy having been part of it not keep as system from another time.

Was closing on time, may be even early after a busy enough shift, but the Valentine’s ice cream arrived and a quick tasting took place with 100% positive comments. So with the fridge stacked


and the menu printed we are gearing up for the weekend.


Nervous and rightly so as the Boss is still going to be south and Caroline helping the next local bride celebrate her up coming wedding so we are flying solo. Under instructions to be romantic…..we’ll see. Lots of preplanning going on and that makes it run so much smoother on the night.

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  1. I think the egg cases are those of the Common Whelk (Buccinum undatum). When the empty cases wash ashore, they are often called Sea Wash Balls because they are supposed to resemble bath sponges. Some say the empty cases were actually used as wash sponges at some time in the past.

  2. Dog whelk eggs , hence in deeper water rather then seeing them shallow water that the common habitate

  3. saw Andy Wightmans article when you posted it on twitter, wish i could rent a big house like that for 10K a year, not exactly market value. Another example of tax avoidance and one that doesn’t even need a swiss bank account. If we were all able to to get away with scams like that then the country would be bankcrupt, instead its just corrrupt.

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