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Snowy (Not Tintin)

Inverness on Friday, a bit strange being a passenger, especially in the poorish weather. But the driver was not too bad. Roads on the way, especially above Glen Docherty were interesting.


Ben Wyvis looked good on the way in


and for no reason at all, is a picture of the railway line just before Inverness Station.


Had to go in to answer some book-keeping questions that I thought needed face to face explaining. Bit cheesed off that I had to travel so far for such a trivial reason. Hundred and sixty miles, but needs must. Not too bad as it turned out, got lift in with Judith, her dentist and jobs and me Highland Wholefoods and Thai massage on the way home. So not a wasted trip for a couple of book-keeping questions. Turned out that they were easily answered with only a little more work. Not only that but my VAT billing was correct and got email saying so. Not good enough a book-keeper to bo too smug though. Cracking massage in Shieldaig and all the gossip on the street thrown in, meanwhile Judith visited the local and had a bit of craic with the resident mafioso. Unfortunately there was no lager, a little problem for a pub on the west coast at the start of the week-end. Shame it does not seem to be working out. Inn can be the making of a community, we are so fortunate with ours.  So nice and relaxed, back home with a fish and chips carry out, after a snowy drive round the coast. Hill is closed for the weekend.

Saturday and I was almost on the water but that would have meant getting up in the middle of the night to catch the tide for putting the dingy back on the endless line. So as times have changed I slept through. The light in the morning on the Cuillin was worth a trip down the road before breakfast,


suited Dougal fine. And again Dun Caan.


An easy-going day with just another trip down for a couple of mid day shots of Ardhu.




And took the dingy over to the line. An example of the power of the sea is seen by the size of the boulders that were shifted in the storms, one ending up over the line.


Had to split the splice before tying up and heading up for the papers. Tonight the shift was very local, in fact those left after nine were all related to me and each other, not in an Apalachian way, of course. A golden celebration tonight and there has been a lot of reminiscing. Coming on at five and chatting coming along the street realised that there was going to be four people sleeping on Shore Street tonight. Wonder if that has ever been the case before, then conversation goes along the lines of how many elderly and single occupancy houses across the peninsula. Every now and again I put my oars worth in on the land reform debate. I only argue from a community point of view and argue that the blocks to any sustainable development have to be removed. I have no idea how, if it is not done on a voluntary basis. Was on fb this week on a stream about an article/advert about good landowners and portraying land reform as the politics of envy. Codswallop when you have first hand knowledge of a policy of obstruction and the even more clever policy of deflection, when another year passes and nothing happens. As the man says “The poor had no lawyers”. But four people sleeping on a fifteen house street cannot be a healthy prospect for the future.

And today consisted of four lunches, and light at that, and lots of chit-chat around local politics. Not all about land but also about how public funds are used that distort competition locally. I recall this coming up before when organisations, not based locally, gain access to public funds and then set up in competition to small local based traders who have invested their own time and money building up their trade over the years.


I have railed against ludicrous di minimus decisions in the past but see these as classic examples where they should be taken especially when the grant is given expressly stating no unfair competition should take place. One rule for……

Comments on: "Snowy (Not Tintin)" (4)

  1. Enjoy the blog, except:
    1. Check the dictionary for “dingy” and “dinghy”.
    2. Latin likes “de minimis”.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Quite right Mike, and will be corrected. Might even go back over the older posts sometime. Thanks.

  2. Great blog Ali. I am very conscious of being ‘absent’ but try my best to get the cottage used and hope that the local businesses will all benefit. Perhaps too simplistic approach I know, but trying not to be completely absentee. Glad you met a friendly Polis whilst in I/nss :):)

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      No worries about that, every one has different reasons for different aspects and there is no blanket right or wrong. On the Street I have good friends who are not there all the time and would never say ….. Times change and there is room for both if only we could get a hold of land to build afforables the situation would not be so dire. Like the email address by the way.

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