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A Meeting Day.

After a fine sweet chilli chicken and watching a documentary on Meat loaf, a calming end to the day. I know I could not have a job/career that entailed more than one meeting a month. Had two today. This one was set up last year to deal with, sorry to be so tedious, but it’s di minimus again. There were three of us in the car on the way to Auchtertyre, a stop at the Filling Station to put the power back on. Still getting used to the new system and power cuts. At the moment restarting it and Dundee reboots the system within the hour seems to be the way at the moment. I am sure we can do it all from here, not such an important knowledge at the moment as we are not expecting a large number of power cuts, not in summer anyway. Arrived ten minutes late but not the latest, so did well, getting over the Hill and there before some of the others. On reflection the meeting went well although at times it became pretty tense. We made it pretty clear that we thought the state aid decisions were wrong and they were putting us under unnecessary stresses. After all we were only there because of these decisions, trying to sort the way ahead and boy is it complicated. Considering we are only volunteers I think as a group we are building up a fine catalogue of how public bodies operate. Finding how risk averse they are, but fair enough as backs have to be covered. However we did come in for a deal of criticism and on reflection on the way home found that both unjustified and unfair as we are in far better position than this time last year. Right from the start we have been running, almost crisis managing projects as they are among the first of their kind to be tried, whether 24/7 fuel, complicated community broadband, toilets, the list goes on. We have come a long way in a year, late accounts, not line managing employees and directors a little behind the line. All three have changed despite not having an income generator, a good achievement under the circumstances. Anyway actions decided and then it was onto a broadband meeting which involved changing budgets and sorting out the Rona problem. With the turbine blades sticking out of the Rona peat and the potential replacement turbine, one working up in Scoraig, also in bits another solution is sought. Cable laying on Rona and on the North coast should provide us with the answer. Meanwhile hats off to Bill on Rona who is recharging the batteries to keep the system going until we run the cable to Bill’s power source.

And then home. Despite the weather there several scenes that were stunning from Attadale




to home. Local knowledge from Roy meant that the passing showers had not shut the Hill.


Couple of stops,


would have been more but passengers needs must.


Dougal and Eilidh had come along as we had thought it was going to be longer meetings, they only had a wee trot around Kyle while Alison popped into the bank, so stopped off at the Inn to walk them home.




Managed to get there in-between showers, the next one starting as arrived home. Even in this bad spell of weather when it brightens up it is quite spectacular


and passed a woodsman happily sawing and chopping away,


previously a suspect, with his Greek connections, on the toilet graffiti incident. Although no one apprehended he has been cleared of any involvement.


So back out in the evening to finish the second half of last weeks long Board meeting and to update on todays proceedings concerning the Hydro funding and Broadband changes. Only just under an hour and a half and as I said back home again and meetinged out.

The day after and just waiting for shower to pass before going up the road with dogs. Already had done that for going out to the Varuna to check all is well before the next “breeze” but tide and laziness over lack of wells has postponed that for a couple of hours. Bealach blocked and as a lorry off the coast road earlier we were cut off for a while but seems lorry on move again.

Comments on: "A Meeting Day." (2)

  1. John Isterling said:

    Enjoy reading your blogs from such a wonderful spot. First visited, briefly, some 20 years ago but stayed at the Inn to celebrate our 50th Anniversary last October. Have already booked at the Inn for October again but only to celebrate visiting such a wonderful spot again this time. Hopeto meet you then.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you and may meet up. Work the four shifts at the Inn and am delivering prawns so usually around.

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