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Lively Chat and Seas

So it was a day in Inverness with the Ice Cream Man. Have to say that was the shortest trip I have ever taken to the Highland Capital. We chatted all the way there and back. Apart from the odd bit of scandal and gossip, West Highland men are well-known for their gossip, it was a good hash around the community. Stopped off on the way to drop off an Aron Ebike at Kishorn for a small weld. Multi purpose boat yard.


The Glenahulish was in for her winter refit. Getting new fenders fitted.


Alongside was a trawler being taken off the cradle, proud to say I am one of the few creel men not to have gear towed by this skipper. May it stay that way.


Busy yard.


Drop off books at the friendly accountant. Has to be to be able to deal with me, coming to the end of my fifteen year stint at the pier. Maybe another one or two at the most. Then off to Highland Wholefoods and a couple of other stops before back and out to work at the Inn. Kept going, not busy but could not do any paperwork. Thirty four meals for the day and the forecast was to look out for. Noticed that the wind had dropped off which I took to be a bad sign and so it was the case. I was once again on the bike in a storm, this time. Luckily between a couple of showers.. Power off around half twelve and a howling storm raging so it was a poor nights sleep. Not so bad as it was due west and the dingy was in at the pier so not too worried about the boats. Little damage evident the next morning, a roof lifted slightly and about ten more beech trees down


along the Bay.


A day without power is interesting when you are not working on the Net, checking fb and Twitter. Lots more reading, catching up on the papers and novel. Being thoroughly depressed by events in Paris and even more so the reactions across Europe. Managed to get rid of a potential bad headache and it crossed my mind about being told a local suffers from migraines when there is drastic changes in barometric pressures. And seeing Ali’s postings from Sand that was the case, plummeting around midnight.

Saturday morning was more worrying as there was a shift in the direction into the North west, wandered down to the pier to see all was well


as the tide was in


and the boats were rocking,


unlike the dingys nestling in at the pier.


A poor spell of weather


and it is set to continue into next week.


Gives more time to get more papers done. Set up a few systems so this clogging up and getting stressed out during the winter when you are supposed to be chilling out. Weather still poor though well into the afternoon..


Posting this from the Inn which tells you how quiet things are tonight. As the power only came back around five on Saturday afternoon there was little evidence of people on the road. Also the Hill had been closed on Thursday evening which is frustrating as there is no snow. We are trying to find out who is closing the Hill for wind as this is a new safety worry for people who do not live here. This centralising of decisions is not working. People on the ground are the ones who should be taking these decisions. Affects trade and causes frustrations locally for no apparent purpose apart from excessive health and safety fears. Tonight s little trauma concerned the Filling Station as the power was of we tried to reboot but failed. Rebooted the router and that seem to have set things in motion, email came from Dundee saying it was down and fairly quickly followed by another saying it was up and running. Good for the party goer heading to Torridon and the Doc who was a little short for a possible call-out round the coast. Got it going and she filled up so she will not be called out now.

Good and not so good news from Rona. Lots of discussing about the future plans there and we will work something out. We were planning a bigger turbine higher pole admitting the current equipment is not strong enough, but the news from Scoraig is that the turbine we were going to install is in bits up there. The new plan is to run a cable down to Bill’s and do away with the remote self-powered unit. The trickle power will not hurt Bill’s system, he is off grid, and getting broadband at the cottages and his own place hopefully will compensate for the extra hassle he has already gone through.

Now settling down to minute writing, email sending and bill totting, no fishing tomorrow so maybe a House thrown in. Although I know I live in an idyllic part of the world we have our serious stresses to deal with. This morning was after a restless night a sleeping was interrupted by a phone call, an unusual event on a Sunday morning. Alison shoots off downstairs and dart to the window….just to see if the Varuna is still on her moorings. It is not all peace and tranquillity. Alls well this time as it was Son No1 announcing his imminent return from Oz next week.


Comments on: "Lively Chat and Seas" (7)

  1. Hi Ali, my mum and I suffer from headaches (though not Migrains) when there is a storm brewing. We always thought it was something to do with changes in magnetic fields associated with storms which may affect the polarity of cell menbranes and thus cell chemistry and more importantly brain chemistry. Just reading on tinternet it is I can see that there are reporst the electromagnetic waves from microwaves, mobile phones and wifi are suspected of affecting migrane sufferes.

    The Kishorn Boat Yard is that run by Rory Furguson and Ronnie Smith? If it is remeber me to them, as I used to work with them at KLD.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Interesting, I had never heard of this before and although not looking for it there was a rapid change coinciding with my first noticeable one of the year.
      Ronnie Smith dipped out years ago and although it is not a partnership Ewen Gillies from Apx is with Ruariadh now and as you can see it is full on just now. They have just won a new fish farm build.

  2. Janet Lamb said:

    Hi Ali I’m glad to see that Applecross has made it safely through another bout of bad weather and that power is restored although I am sorry to see more of the beech trees down. I love the way they seem to stand guard over the bay and they always look so beautiful against a deep blue sky – hopefully blue skies will return for you all soon. See you in March.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      The age of the trees and the severe weather seems to be too much fo the trees. There has been no regeneration due to grazing so no young ones coming through. Don’t think many are going to survive the decade. Bad spell of weather continues.

  3. Janet Lamb said:

    Keep warm everyone at least the trees can supply some extra fuel during the bad weather.

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