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So Much to Do

That was a long night, listening to the wind and the rain smacking into the window, and hearing the World Service on in the back ground. Must have dozed off a fair bit because the only news I heard was a Yemeni explosion, Shell compensation in Nigeria (sounded paltry for what they did) and the price of oil is low. Seems this is bad for the world economy, as bad as high oil prices. I believe less and less of what news and analysis we are being fed these days. Maybe it is the time of year but I find I am becoming more and more cynical of power, establishment and government. Luckily I seem to need so little of what they have to offer. Unfortunately the machine demands its pound of flesh at this time of year in the form of Tax Returns and the like. Last week this coincided with my seasonal allergy which to be honest this winter has not been too bad. Despite not bothering too much about what needed to be done, apart from stressing over it, the Inn still needed staff so on the Saturday and Sunday we were open to the few hardy souls still on the road. Actually Sunday was very interesting as chats with a para-medic, a recently qualified Hydro engineer from New Hampshire, with accountant and civil engineer mates and an oil company buyer. She said her job was not as interesting as it sounded. And that was before the Lochcarron crofter came in with his entourage. If we have oysters, haddock and sticky toffee pudding on the menu I know what at least three of them will have at sometime during the meal.

So even if you think nothing happens around this time of year it can be pretty hectic, finally relegating Hugh Lawrie and House to a secondary role, still on and following the story, but not the medicals so closely, the paperwork finally comes out with a sense of dread as it is so far behind. But now two days later and one big job almost completed, weather atrocious, and lots to do the feeling of the seasons is being kept at bay. It is really dark this morning but last Saturday with Dougal and Eilidh up on the Bay


going up to Kenny and Jill’s it was bright


and beautiful.


The turnstones getting a little cheesed off with this big black


and white monster interrupting their feeding along the seaweed line.


But they and the oyster catchers just fly a wee bit off and start feeding again.


Always conscious of not using up too much of their energy, the turnstones not Dougals, we did not stay too long on the water’s edge. Met up with a buzzard for a wee while at The Filling Station.


Last night after a decent day at the paper work we had a very productive three-hour Community Company board meeting at the Inn and are going to be meeting regularly very month and possibly more as it is going to be a busy year.

And now after coming out of a scalding hot shower as a result of getting soaked through on the hill showing a potential contractor the Hydro river all the way up to the Pen stock area. But more of that anon. I found the meeting last night very good and very positive despite all the restrictions put on us from outside and yes it is about di minimus and what is and is not state aid. Next monday is another meeting with funders and that will be followed by yet another board meeting. Yep it is going to be a busy year. And that is not counting having EGMs and AGMs which are in the pipe line having two sets of accounts to present. Massive strides forward for such a wee place. Although I keep being told that there is untapped capacity in everyone’s community I think on reflection after last night’s meeting we have a lot here. On top of Hydro, there is Broadband, IT training, Mobile reception, Energy Efficiency, in fact we had to cut the meeting short as we were losing the will. More frequent will be better. We still desperately need more people to live here but we already have a great depth of knowledge and we are going to need to use it. Great to see the Sunnart Hydro getting so close to their target and hopefully we will have double celebrations this year.

Monday as the paperwork progressed caught some nice light of to the south


and the after glow is often worth a wee gander.


Same yesterday afternoon, but always, always different,


no danger today but this time next year we are hoping to call this a Hydro day.

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  1. Judging by your intro, you may ‘enjoy’ this from Adam Curtis:
    I will be interested to see the film on iPlayer at the end of January.
    Happy New Year

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