A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Back home a little battered and bruised. Up at the Inn as usual and left with all the warnings and knowledge of an icy evening. So even well prepared I set off very gingerly, having little ice experience, didn’t get to 6/7 on the Street before the bike was not where it should have been and the road was where the bike had been. Got away with a couple of scrapes due to being well padded, from the cold not Christmas dinner. Walked the sheet iced Street and set off and made home about half an hour later. A trip that only takes seven or eight minutes. Beautiful night with a half-moon dipping towards the North end of Raasay and a lovely starlit sky to accompany me home.

Going back to Christmas evening now that I have warmed up and had a lovely mug of real coffee. The dogs have been walked and run off their paws over the last three days. No3 is out running being addicted to endorphins at the moment and I have been out on the Volt a fair bit as well. The result, as you can see, especially Eilidh has been “I need a wee rest now”.


Boxing Day here saw all the boats out, me a little later as Stewart came out but had a bit of car starting trouble so I nipped up for him. We still managed a 300 creel haul which was quite remarkable due to the lack of prawns. The camera stayed in the bag but there were lots of snaps. And unusually I appear in three photos in one post,


Two cutesy of Stewart,


possibly matches years overall number. A couple of action shots on board during the day. Bit cloudy, dull but little or no wind and fairly uneventful. Evening spent eating with Stewart and “cousin” Margaret. After dinner chat was spent discussing the merits of negotiation verses revolution, must admit revolution is becoming increasingly attractive to prevent further decline.

Today there was no progress in the many jobs needing done but consoled myself by telling myself that I had worked on Boxing Day. The weather has turned wintry


with a few showers


and a snow line across the Sound.




The showers coming down from the North made for some eye-catching views.


And Dougal has recovered well and is up for anything as per usual.


Evening saw the light fading with the moon to the South, a fine end to this part of the day.


Interesting side note on Christmas Holidays, discovered it was not until 1958 that Christmas Day was made a public holiday in Scotland. Worked the shift tonight and there were one or two tables out with a couple of groups keeping the Inn atmospheric. Great compliments on the food and lots of handshakes on the way out. London and pairts south tomorrow for tonight’s diners, and with regret as they had chilled out during their visit to The Sanctuary. Finished up with a few games of speed scrabble and cards before taking the header off the bike on the way home.


Comments on: "Sheet Ice not good for Cycling." (7)

  1. Lorna Davidson said:

    Beautiful photos, as ever! Hope you’re not too bruised from your slide? Yes, my parents talked of working Christmas Day at the shipyard in Greenockwhen they were young, so late 50’s.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers, not too bad and interested to read that about the Christmas Hols. My parents of that generation so did not do Xmas when I grew up.

  2. I used to always get Christmas off on the fish farm as long as I was back for new years day. New yearsday usually entailed just 2-3 hrs checking the cages, but with bad weather and not being fully sober it wasn’t the safest of jobs.

    As ever great photos Ali.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Health and safety disappears at this time of year. Have a good new year when it comes and thanks for all your positive comments over the year.

      • My pleasure Ali, your blog is shear joy to read and though perhaps we may be from differing ends of the political spectrum I think we sing from the same hymm sheet.

        All the best.

  3. Jeannette Smyth said:

    is eilidh dougal’s mother or sister or wife? wonderful dogs, beautiful scenery, happy to think you did not hurt yourself on the ice. happy new year. i have to tell you from dry and violent new mexico, applecross looks like paradise.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers Jeannette all the best for the year ahead. Applecross is certainly different from New Mexico and I would imagine a lot less violent, although verbally we can give it out. Eilidh is his long suffering mother. I suspect she regrets her one night of pleasure with his Dad up the road.

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