A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Bay Walk.

Thursday was a poor day for doing much, did not feel up to going to the Panto despite a fine build up. Alison went and was really impressed with the production, the kids and the effort around it all. Just the comment that it was all Panto during the time she was away said so much. The children were so good and remembered and acted so well, met one in the evening who had four costume changes and I asked how she managed this and she told me she wore them all and gradually went through the changes by discarding the previous one, clever. A couple of photos curtesy of Catherine who was heavily involved in the make up of the Bad Fairy. The evening panned out really well with the arrival and feeding of the Russell Salmon Hatchery Christmas Do. There were one or two other customers in to make it a fairly busy night. Friday evening is the Boat Yard’s turn but I am sitting quietly here as Son No3 is out catching up at the Inn and Alison is baby sitting. Dougal and Eilidh asleep after a long day on the road culminating with a run round the Bay.

The de minims saga continues with little progress, lots of cumbersome solutions imposed on a small community while the obvious solution is for CBS to decide that the funding for the Community Broadband is not creating unfair competition. Lots of conversations about it and it is all so frustrating. Good people trying to find an answer whle others seem more interested in their careers. I keep asking who are we competing against? The trip to Rona on Wednesday, if carried out by paid technicians, employed by a communications company, with profits to shareholders, would probably have cost £5,000. Not “no charge” and done by volunteers. Never managed a Billy Connelly song in a post yet. Disappointing result from Rona is the repair did not last and further thought and coming off Rona is now on the cards. We are still able to say we are going through the teething issues to work out the problems and this is time consuming enough without this de minims rubbish hanging over us. Also we have Ian, Simon still involved and Bill on Rona going up to see what the problems are as well. May be that Rona is too remote or the equipment is not robust enough. We will get there although it is stressful knowing that people have signed up to AppleNet to get a better than BT service but good to be reminded that BT took ten days to sort out their break last month. And as far as I am concerned the volunteering is not done under duress, still fulfilling. I think the answer to our de minims problems would be for the people working in the Agencies taking these daft decisions should live in the remote communities for a couple of years and then these decisions may well take a different shape. Despite all these wee hiccups one still comes across the positive, on Thursday evening one of the Fish Farmers was wanting info, might even have been a result of a bet. Assumed he would have to wait but Judith said just to go on line, he was surprised, then said it would take an age, Judith asked for the info he wanted and half a minute later he had it. She told him it was our Community Broadband and the response was “It would be over here”. A nice back handed west coast compliment.

Shop visit to post a couple of calendars and it was full on party with half the community there. Had to phone home as forgot the list and arranged for it to be left at the gate by Francis on her way home as I wanted to go up the road with the light between the showers looking good.


Ended up on the Bay


with Dougal and Eilidh racing about.


Did not stay long as am conscious that the birds were using up valuable winter energy flying,


albeit short distances, keeping away from them charging about. Small flock of oyster catchers





as well as all the gulls made for a pleasant walk. Windy but added to the day.


Heavy showers on the way home and managed to get back before the big one.



Comments on: "Bay Walk." (2)

  1. i agree the Applenet is brilliant!and better than BT My dad paid for it as a house warming present Being and old” Q” likes his technology… i love to be able to use the net when we are up on holiday. Can’t wait to arrive on 27th for our Hogmanay celebrations see you then Snoddie for a wee dram on me xMerry Xmas to you both Liz and Janet

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Just unfortunate we have not worked out the North Coast yet. We will and hope for a little patience but understand it is difficult for them. Being a presbyterian(at this time of year) Xmas means less than the Solstice.

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