A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Sitting in the recovery stage of a middle of the road migraine, nothing gets done and not too sick, manage to doze through about half of it, and with “Doodle” chewing on a bone he nicked from Sweep on Wednesday at my feet. Another of Wednesday photos of him. He normally is never still enough for a snap so getting two of him on the trot is good. A little breeze from the East has ruffled his immaculate look. Taken about ten ticks out of him in the last two days and this is November.


Weather still holding out and it has already been an amazing November. Ashore again on Wednesday but managed lots of little jobs with more wood chopped and stacked. Timing the last spell at the wood for the sun going down over the Cuillin.


Every one talking about Mondays sunset and really annoying anyone who missed it.



Still a few coming out to eat and kept busy till after food. Although not full there are guests still staying at the Inn. One such guest, Matthew from Fintry Dev Trust, was up to do a draught excluder workshop, participants finding it very useful. Again always interesting to listen to how other Trusts are doing. Fintry is in the fortunate position of having a steady income from one of the wind farms set up close by. They receive an income stream from one of the twelve turbines. As ever they have their own difficulties in communicating to residents who through either apathy or distrust do not get what the Trust is about. Generally they have made great strides in reducing their carbon footprint and that must mean lower fuel bills so it is a win win. On our front the good news is the Filling Station was down for a short time yesterday and it turned out to be a router problem, sorted by our IT man, Sean. And the North Coast residents patience has been rewarded with the Rona mast kicking in this morning. The weather is never perfect for every one. Another advance for the Company is we have joined a Consortium of other local groups, who are all on the same road as us regarding local power, and CES under the name of Dalavich Improvement Group(DIG) and have proceeded through Stage 1 of Funding from the Local Energy Challenge Fund. The aim is to try to ensure community benefit and securing the long-term viability of remote communities. Other communities involved include Eday, Barra and Vatersay, and Lochboisdale. There are others but that gives an indication of who we are working with. To quote from the application is the best way to describe the project’s aims. “In principle, the simplest way to make a local energy economy a reality is to directly connect a sustainable energy source with a nearby energy demand, using community owned infrastructure.” Our experience has informed the approach to phase one of the project, coming up against all the problems and looking to solve them through innovative ideas and technology. Alison has put a lot of work into the project so far and I do smile at times when I am occasionally asked what she does, usually the unseen work is the most important. The same goes for our other employees, Val, Zuzu and Sean….only visible when there is a problem but working away for the community and sometimes in their own time. If only we could get some affordable housing built to attract skilled technicians to take more projects forward that ensures our community’s future.

Forgot to mention the migraine was accompanied by a head clod and this made it harder to go fishing but as we sold our last portion of langoustines the previous evening…needs must. The day in this light throws up unusual angles, seeing houses that have always been there but look a little different in the low light of the morning


and afternoon.


Saint Island was the residence of large numbers of gulls in the afternoon. None around the boat but sightings of big numbers on the Bay and elsewhere.


Fishing is still very poor but the incentive to supply the local markets makes it easier for me when I know 100% of the catch landed is used and as I have said the day was a good one to be at sea.


Last night greatly enjoyed by a couple of film makers who are doing a 15 minute documentary on the Bealach, a German and a Lithuanian. Day was stunning and it cannot be classed as work. As well as the wonderful light, you look up on a quiet moment and catch a glimpse of a porpoise or see a cormorant arrowing past. These two looked satiated sitting on their perch as I passed them on the way home.


Lovely crisp autumnal weather but not cold as you are on the move all day. Advantage of being on your own although today I was not so sure. Yesterday read a draft of Kirsty Logan’s mystical short story and made you think.


Having the bike to take the prawns to the Inn makes the journey longer but for the right reasons.


The cycle to the Inn was perfect accompanied by the dogs.


Took a little time during the evening shift out to meet up with AEE and a couple of Directors to chat with Matthew about draft proofing and general green and community topics. All both stimulating and essential.


Comments on: "Applecross Community Company Work." (1)

  1. Beautiful photos as ever Ali.

    Funny though….when I first read “draught excluder workshop” I thought you meant they were all making sausages, as we used to call them, out of materiel and stuffing, to place along the bottom of a door. I get it now!

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