A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

They do say that to get over the trouble with a horse you get back to it, so fishing it was yesterday. Before that however, on Friday, after Alison headed off to the Scottish Greens Conference, Simon from Eigg turned up to work on the broadband cabinets and do the prep work for going to Diabeg. He stayed the night at the schoolhouse and enjoyed cooking a meal and having a chat over the evening. Fascinating hearing about the new progress on Eigg which involves the Williams Formula 1 team commissioning a unit which was developed to power up their car after braking into corners. Simply put, a flywheel which draws in energy which is then released when accelerating out of the corner. The application on the island involves using some of the energy that is stored when the renewables are working to protect the battery banks when they kick in when there is no rain, wind and it clouds over. Protects the batteries from the hit they receive when they are switched on to keep the island’s power running. Very interesting to note how the people on the island think. They have a collective responsibility. Simon was asking about the air source heat pump we have installed in our hallway and his main concern was how much power was used to run it. Knowing if every one had one on the island would that be detrimental to the island power supply. The We instead of the I being the most prominent in the query. Also good chat with differing views about the Referendum. And looking at social media outlets it is just not going away. The trip up to Diabeg looked to be successful judging by the photo posted with the dish and nano station up and in position.


Also I did not realise that prospects for the next stage of the back haul connections may be a lot sooner than I thought, greatly increasing download speeds. Interesting times.

So to the fishing or at least my attempt at catching some prawns. It was a lovely quiet morning




and really was not that keen but up and early to see Simon off I was at sea and hauling, not catching prawns fairly early. Going to the next fleet was the only way to stay out and haul 250 creels for a meagre 7 kilos and a punnet of squat tails. Did not last half the evening. But I tried. Unusually large rafts of seaweed floating about on the Sound,


probably as a result of the big tides and quiet weather.


And for the first time I came across a ling otolith. At least that is what I think it is.


The creels when they are not hauled for a wee while catch a few fish some of which are ling. They are too big to swim back out and tend to drown in the creels and are quickly scoffed by crab, prawns, lice etc. The otolith detaches and falls through the mesh but not this one. Todays chuckle came from the Aff The Ball Team who were discussing the unease some voters would feel when singing the Flower of Scotland before the game last night. Conversation went along the lines of what to replace this with and the email suggestion that it should be replaced by the Strawbs ’73 hit Part of the Union caused much mirth. Looking west as I cycled up with the prawns….


Bad timing as the cycle to work coincided with a heavy shower and the trousers had a night club wet look for the first half hour. Busy shift, full bar and people waiting for tables with a contingent down from Shieldaig. All went well despite me forgetting the Big Table order for about 15 minutes. It would include two lamb rumps (25 mins cooking time) 0f course, but blagged it gave them some bread to chomp, keeping hunger pains at bay, and got away with it judging by the leaving comments. Did not close up so was home not long after midnight giving all the birthday parties a miss this weekend. Seems last night’s one wound down at 6am this morning. Oh to be so young and ill the day after, thankfully is a distant memory.

I love the company of my dogs and appreciate them taking me out and as a result see far more of Applecross than I would otherwise. Jenny still comes with us in spirit. So in bright sunshine, me on the bike, and them darting about everywhere the scenes, views and air were perfect. Highland cattle back lit,




and the views west over Ardhu lovely as ever.


Alison away and knowing they would be in the house all day makes for a longish walk this morning and to be quite honest I enjoyed it as much if not more than they did. On the bike up the road just had to stop to snap the tranquility of Milton Loch,


so arriving at the Inn in a pretty good mood. Despite a few downers, reading a missive from some one who is not having a good time, serving over 200 people who came to visit our amazing peninsula, the mood stays up. To accommodate this the Inn is gradually moving North and it is predicted that it will reach the Visitor Centre around the start of the next decade.


Mood matches the weather and fortunate to finish shift with a curried parsnip and apple soup followed by monkfish, salad and chips.Home, out with the pooches straight away and finished House of Cards, now to post this.


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