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Pretty miserable last couple of days but now trying to convince myself it was quick for Jenny. The excitement and adrenalin rush for her hopefully was too much as she chased off after her yipping offspring. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who have been out on the hill since she went missing. Possibly though daylight hours there have been dogs and people looking for any sign of her but to no avail. Maybe just maybe but I am now reflecting she had a good life and in return gave us lots of pleasure. We looked after a dog called Talisker for good friends as they left Applecross for city life and he was a great dog. After he was gone the big miss I felt was realising that there was no welcoming thump of tail on floor when he heard me coming down in the morning. The silence was heartrendingly sad. With Jenny there are too many triggers and while it is great to have Eilidh and Dougal they are the constant memories. Over time they will be how she will always be around. Looking through a few photos of her and there are one or two despite Dougal being the media tart that he is. Weather has been pretty indifferent allowing me not to bother too much about going to sea. Change from last week complete with temperature, rain and breeze all telling me that autumn is kicked in.


One area that Jenny led me to is Toscaig river.


The last time I was in this area was a trip up the edge with Sam when we were assessing the potential for hydro, this around six years ago. I went up to the bend and walked down to river itself as I knew there was rain forecast and wanted to check before the levels rose. We have had the driest spell and the river is low.


The ground surrounding the river is bleak undulating moorland while the river has cut a beautiful vein through this part of the peninsula.




On a more local level the Filling Station refurbishment is underway….again with DNS Forecourts in the form of Simon and fellow worker.


I went up the road to see what was going on and it was quite noticeable the difference in quality of units.


The installed units looked a decade old. After a few shots it was back down the road, dropping off my last prawns at the Inn on the way, a kip, and then back out for another look for Jenny. This time the weather had closed in and had to stay on the path, not wanting a search and rescue initiated.

Today was the other way around. Up the road in the morning to check out progress of the refurb.  A fine sight to see was the loading up of the old useless units into the back of the wagon never to be seen here again.


Going well although a bit of a panic when Simon drove in and first thing he noticed was the red box was down and unwired ready for taking away by the Gilbarco boys.


No Filling Station reopening without it so “gentle” discussion and it was put back up. the panels for the front of the pumps were”missing”, well they were down at the schoolhouse as some lovely kids art were on them and we had no intention of them going south. Another”gentle” discussion and they are staying here. Have no problem with the workers on the ground but I would find it seriously depressing having to defend or work for such a cr*p company. Do not think our local boys were very impressed by them and that does not bode well for their sales up this way. On schedule to open tomorrow as planned


and the forecast means I will be able to attend training planned for Thursday although hoping more volunteers come forward to take over some tasks. So it was another sad trip down the road to see if there was any signs but nothing. Came back from the river


and quartered the ground where she was last seen, bleak and barren,


reflecting my feelings.


Just calling out her name was heartbreaking and then listening to the silence. I am quite shocked at the depth of emotion. Possibly the long summer, tired, last week’s disappointment have all contributed. I think I said goodbye to a beautiful dog this afternoon. One day I will enjoy looking at these photos but now it hurts so bad.


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  1. So sorry Ali, big hug from me and Lulu who looks just a bit like her mum xx

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Over time I will be able to see most of her offspring and think good thoughts. just now it is not so good, but thanks anyway for your hug.

  2. I grieve with you, Ali. Have a good glass of malt. If an offspring, or an offspring of an offspring should come you way in a while, it’s Jenny’s gift to you.
    Huge hug from me, albeit all the way from California. I grew up (not here by any means) with country dogs.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      We have her daughter and grandson so over time it will be okay. Just now they remind us that Jenny is not here. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you so much. It hurts as anyone who has and loved their dogs. Alison tweeted Jenny and it was retweeted over 500 times. She wanted it local but everyone knows and is keeping an eye out. Even been on Two Lochs our local radio station. it will be good when I remember her properly as I do our previous dog Talisker. I will have that malt when I know for sure she will not come back.

  3. Was our pleasure to go and look for Jenny; we are always happy to help in any way we can when up from the city; I cried reading the blog, this morning, for the first time in ages; Just goes to show how much our canine friends touch our lives.xx Hugs Liz and Jan and Ruby

  4. Sorry to hear that Ali our old Springer past away earlier in the year, and we were devastated even though we had made the decision and we had witnessed his decline over a few months. It is the little triggers and routines which hurt the most. Nine months on I still say goodnight to mine albeit in my head now.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      So right I remember you saying about him earlier in the year. It is the little things that get you. There is a faint hope but i do not think so. Thanks for your and everyone’s concern. She will live on and look forward to when I can think of her without welling up.Cheers again.

  5. I am very sorry to hear about your dog and feel your sadness at the loss.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you so much. Lots of triggers around the house but at least we have the other two. They are unsettled but life does go on and I know that sometime in the future I will smile at Jenny’s memory.

  6. Ali, we are very very sad to hear that Jenny is missing. If it’s any consolation, Jo’s fathers dog (a highland terrier) go lost in the Lake District mountains for over a week in the winter and was found hungry but ok by Mountain Rescue on a training exercise. That dog had very little sense and the weather was poor, but a smart dog like Jenny could quite easily keep going on rodents & the like.

    I wish we could be up there now to help with the search, but we’ll be up in 3 weeks and will happily keep looking. She’s worth the long shot.

    All the best from Simon & Jo

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks so much for your words.
      I am getting very kind and encouraging words from all sources esp dog owners/lovers. It is so out of character that I am almost certain something happened and I am telling myself it was quick. But thanks again and you never know.

  7. This is so sad….Anyone who has ever had a loved dog in their life knows what you are going through…Words are not enough… take care my friend and I grieve for your loss

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks very much Rod, been a bad week all round. People still going out but little hope. Out of character so hope it was quick for her, cheers anyway and roll on the next Ref.

  8. Bruce Morrison said:

    Very sorry to hear about Jenny Ali. You don’t realise what a major part of your life they are until they aren’t there do you. Been there as they say. See you soon. Bruce and Sheena

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers guys. Not really much I can say. She may turn up but not expecting her any more. Over time I will smile at her memory but it is a wee bit raw at the moment. Thanks for chat.

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