A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Sunday, you get days like this every so often and that is just as well. Up, tired, but after a post, breakfast and a wee spell on Social Media, I made off out to the Varuna for some large prawns to keep the Inn going. Although taking the posters and stickers down around the house I had decided to leave the flag on the boat up. But when I got on board I decided that it would be too much of a reminder of such an exhilarating time. So a last photo



and then I folded it away with every intuition of it flying proud again.


It was only then I realised how attached I had got to the flag. Never before had I thought about flying a flag and it then crossed my mind about the actions of some people burning flags of their enemies. It a powerful symbolic gesture to those that use the flag as a symbol to gather round. Those who burn flags understand the emotional attachment and use it as a weapon. There was a UK flag nicked in Lochcarron last week and I thought the reaction was over the top, now I am not so sure. So the flag away and the prawns to the Inn it was back to the routine of another shift at the Inn, only it was anything other than routine. Forecast to be the last day of this spell of amazing weather but it does not feel that way.



First little hiccup to the day was a request, dutifully carried out, was the removal of a tick from a regular’s chest. Not an everyday event,I grant you,but a successful removal none the less. Among the many who came for lunch was the gentleman who told me, although he was from East Anglia, his great-grandmother, a Scottish Muslim, was buried on the hillside of Glen Carron. A couple of very pleasant families from Colorado turn up along with the usual Germans, Polish Fifers and East coasters. The Broadford crew turned up and set up the dinning room for seven of them. Lovely appreciative family and as the lady was familiar turns out she visits my Mum every Thursday at An Arcasaid. Always the connections. Around this time The big lorry trundles up to the Inn and out jumps the driver saying he has a Filling Station to deliver. Never rains…. So a reverse back through the Street to the Filling Station to unload the unit.





That all done, back to the Inn, to serve more of the masses. Along comes the next problem which is the till roll runs out for the fuel and the key is missing. That is sorted eventually with Ewen turning up to check out the new concrete base for the compressor. Sorted as Alison turns up and tells me Jenny, Dougal’s granny is missing on a walk out to Airigh Driseag. Unfortunately this is still the case after six hours out on the hill looking for her. She is either hurt or dreaming of chasing deer in another world…. So at the moment I am hanging onto the Banksy image of a heartbeat with the caption saying “If there are no ups and downs in your life then you are dead”. Well I feel very much alive just now. So back at the Inn and the group of fifteen came in. I always like asking where people come from and sometimes you get the wrong answer, a Londoner who is off Somalian descent, for example. More interesting to talk to a Somalian than a Londoner. No offence to any Londoners. Got round my curiosity by asking what language the were dipping into and it turned out it was Malayalam, south-west India. So lots of seafood, veggie dishes and chatter, three hours later they left with many handshakes. Oh almost forgot the lab that threw up just about everything he had eaten in the last week, that is how it looked anyway. What would I give for Jenny to be doing that at my feet just now? Last chore of the night is letting out the dogs and giving them a couple of biscuits each and when you count out six before realising Jenny is not home, that is a very low feeling.

Monday Morning; Coffee and a couple of bananas before posting and heading off down to Toscaig. You know all is not well with you when you miss the coffee out of the coffee-making. All plans off today. Will try to get some prawns to the Inn in the passing but finding Jenny will take today up. Know her well I have to say I am not hopeful. I know a dog is a dog but she is beautiful and given us years of pleasure and Dougal of course. I will hope.


Comments on: "Hoping just Mislaid, Nation and Dog" (8)

  1. Sorry to hear about Jenny I do hope you find her today, a house is not a home without a dog.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It is just the thought that she is lost or injured that upsets me so much. If I found her I could accept and time would heal. After all she lives on in Eilidh and Dougal.

  2. Thinking about you guys Ali, I sincerely hope that you find her 😦 xx

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers Lesley…Going back down after a snooze. Weather is breaking here and I suppose the longer she is missing……

  3. we don’t have your number but would you like us to come and help you look for Jenny? We have arrived at Camusteel and are here for two weeks; Liz and Janet and Ruby a very good sniffer dog 07800985874

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers and was out later as was Gerry. I don’t think so any more and would love to be proven wrong.

  4. Ali, I’m really hoping you have lots of help in finding Jenny. Look forward to very good news.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Not too good at the moment. There has probably some one out through out daylight hours for the last couple of days but if she is injured or cannot bark it is a needle in a haystack. Thanks for your thoughts.

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