A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

A day is a long time in politics. After what I thought was a pretty major disappointment in the history of Scottish politics I was back on the bike to nip up the road for any instructions for sleeping in at the Inn. Not much was to be learnt as full team on and it was more a case of being there. And as it turned out after a couple of phone calls I did not need to go up till after service. Fairly quiet during the day although a little busier during the evening it was not manic. Well I had my malt whisky , first and last ones kindly bought, Oban to Bunahbhain, fairly thoroughly enjoyed, enough so to manage to sip one or five during the late evening.


If anyone thought the Referendum is all over then they are seriously underestimating the political engagement of the Scottish populace. After the diners had left the conversations raged on and the content was highly intellectual. The other aspect of the day was the comfort displayed by friends to those they thought needed it. A large number of hugs and consoling words came my way…must have displayed some desire for a Yes vote. Once settled in with my drams the chatter happened and what is immediately apparent is that a new political process is underway and it will not be run by the elites. There is a palpable feel of excitement about and it is now replacing the despair I felt yesterday. There is always one joker in the pack who seemed to thrust himself into several people’s conversations. I got caught in one of them and very wide-ranging, a No Voter, he displayed much knowledge about anything and everything from oil to historic interpretations of the Darien Scheme and claimed that the Yes voters cherry picked their way throughout the debate. I tried to point to a different version of the original Union that did not suggest the Country was broke but some very important noble families were and also pointed out that the Alien Act of 1705 may have contributed to events over 300 years ago. But this did not tie in with his “cherry picked version” which I told him with a fair amount of suppressed glee, but had to walk away, in my professional capacity of course. Turned out he was not having a very good night, as the people he was picking on, both staff and customers were all Yes voters and very well versed in their reasons for voting Yes. After he had gone I sat down with his mates who were staying at the Inn and had a fine end to the evening. Lots of little connections and one that was very disturbing as they were involved in finding the last fisherman to have lost his life on the Inner Sound in the 80s, up north at Gairloch. Brought back some unwelcome memories..  The rest of the evening was spent dipping in and out of Social media where I saw the awful scenes of a Yes stickers on Donald Dewar’s lapel and the nice “Loyalists” taking bits of Glasgow and some of its residents apart….or is it the other way round. Cannot get over the outrage of the Better Together chappies on slights of such insignificance while ignoring the nasty aspects of supporters of their campaign. Thanks for all the comments and tweets and reads of my blog from yesterday. Appears I made teacher cry, but in a good way.

Slept like a log and came home this morning to a very welcome phone call from Rogart. There is a network of communities out there and we are already in contact and discussing the way ahead because while the Nation voted No 1.6 million voted for something different and they are not going away. Today on fb and twitter there has been an upsurge in SNP and Green memberships, 3000 and 1200 respectively. And I am pround to say I am one of them. I have for the first time in my life joined a political party, The Scottish Green Party. Also in this frame of mind, support, but not joined the 45% Group and next time in Inverness joining the Highland Credit Union based at Merkinch. Probably ditching the TV and BBC licence. The phone was on the go all morning and an interesting one to the brother-in-law. Alison said that they went to the Polling Station as a family and had their picture taken with the boys so they could show this to them when they grew up. Also an appointment has been arranged with their local MP to see what is happening to Trident. This from some one relatively non political up till now. Just another example of where Scotland is going. Another little story involved Son No3 who became politically active in Dundee outside Caird Hall. Traditionally second years take a first year on as a “son or daughter” on Freshers Week. One event of Son No3’s week was dressing his “daughter” up as Alistair Darling!!.

Wood cutting took place in the rest of the morning,


an attempt to get the grass cut failed as the strimmer was not functioning as it should and a wee delve into the hives was a sight to behold.




The wonderful bees are slowly drawing out the frames and are filling them with some beautiful honey. Did not take any off but will probably have three frames in October. Dougal has also recovered from his Yes disappointment and is back hunting rodents in our Better Together Kingdom.


Just finishing off with a few observations on Sunday morn after a manic night at the Inn. Regular group of Whitby boys coming up for twenty plus years were here along with the other half of the country. Lots of regulars arrived expecting it to be a little quieter. I think it may well be over the next week or so but the new staff that started last night must have wondered why they have landed in. Prep room was still cleaning up after eleven. Accomplished, but slightly drunk, piper played for a bit at the end of the evening including Caledonia which he had never played on the pipes before and it caught the emotion of the weekend again. Evening finished at 1.30am and with a bit of a sour turn. The remaining Yorkshire men turned the chat round to the Vote and dished Scotland as “too wee, too poor and could not survive without England” It was quite extraordinary as they were decent hard-working guys but it told me how much the media affects people’s views. There was no negotiation, they were right. Did not come up with one “fact” but just repeated assertions. It told me that it was pretty impressive that as many as 45% of our population did vote Yes. Establishment wins a battle but the movement that is born I hope will continue. Despite these little downers life is back to tired but happy, stressed but invigorated, its good.

Breakfast now and out to pick up some prawns before another shift at the Inn. But Dougal is fine.


Comments on: "Future is Green, Credit Unions and Local." (4)

  1. Glad to see you are more up beat now about the situaltion. Reform is long overdue and perhaps we may just get a fairer system for all. I do hope so as the one size fits all policy that we appear to have in this country doesn’t work for any of us.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Agree and hope that will be the case but there is a horrible tribalism in this country that may be an insurmountable barrier for many who hold the reins of power. Still we can only hope.

      • I agree and at the moment it seems rather heightened both sides of the border, with a few more in between.

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        Interesting couple of articles I read about the possibility of the Elite in the Cameron Party breaking up the Union even quicker than the Ref by reacting with more powers for England and English MPS. I like the fact that ordinary working people have caused so much panic in the ranks. Slightly worried that things may hot up a bit and some will lose their heads.

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