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“Good Luck for Tomorrow”

Starting to feel slightly manic and there are two days before we know if we are going to be part of the newest country in the world. Seems Friday around breakfast time is when we hear. Coming home this afternoon from the fishing there is now no doubt the aspirations of the Macleod household with Alison adding a couple of flags to the gate to go alongside the Yes board on the wall.


Anyway back to the story which has been slightly mixed over the past few days. On Saturday Gerry’s Duathlon went okay judging by the evening at the Inn. Maybe just leave a few stats, 302 pints of real ale, 477 food orders plus between 50 and 60 fish and chips sold outside. I arrived at sixish and ended up behind the bar. They had already arrived and the Boss and Crissy were out front and it is hard to dive in an already tight and planned operation. never mind three behind the bar were serving all night with little break.

Sunday again was busy, not too bad but we are one or two staff down and the season is far from over so kept going over the lunch period. Not a lot to report apart from the arrival of the helicopter from the MV Itasca.


Not a new boat, built in 1961, but still out of my range. Think she would be a bit awkward for hauling creels anyway. She was up in Ullapool end of last week and had headed south but came back for lunch. Coming for lunch by chopper does not impress me with my attempted green credentials but it caused a bit of a stir I suppose. Could not help noticing the contrast when the chopper took off against the backdrop of the Clachan Manse, old and new.


Towards the end of the shift the old head kicked in again and bothered me all day on Monday, just a painful nuisance that stops you enjoying life for a day or so. Still was not right yesterday morning but made out and felt so much better for it. The Inn had enough prawns but was under a little pressure to make sure the supply was sorted out for this weekend. Robert is chaffing at a charity function in the Inverness area for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Suspect there will be a large amount of money raised and as a contribution if there is a Yes vote they will getting their prawns for free, if No they pay 50%. Not insubstantial number of prawns going so just as well the fishing is still just holding up.

Out again this morning and although there was a wee breeze from the North early afternoon the weather has remained stunning


and is probably the best September


I can remember for lack of wind and warmth.


Morning sun catching Camusterrach.


And of course Ardhu.


Interesting traffic passed on Tuesday slowly making her way down the Sound.


Today at slightly different speed passing and couple of toots on the way past.


Lovely bit of coral came up on one of the creels yesterday


As well as prawns there is a batch of squats going to this function and hopefully most of them were caught today. If not there is tomorrow. Always good to head for home and now see the flag as part of the boat.


Last night as I am way behind in reading my emails a meeting of the ACC was announced for 8.30pm Minutes of the last meeting, mine to do, had to be very rapidly prepared and at that time there was little chance of me getting to the meeting as I was still hung over but decided to get on the bike and head out. So glad I did.W We had a very productive and positive meeting, two and a bit hours long but well worth it. IPS progressing, Community Broadband report and going well along with toilets functioning okay. The new Filling Station coming the week after the vote. Had to stop on the way up to the meeting for a last photo of the evening.


Earlier was spectacular.



and there was something a little different.


Sleep came fast last night and will again tonight.

All the chat today has been about tomorrow and it cannot come quickly enough now. All the discussions, chat, arguments have taken place. Tomorrow it is the cross in the box. I like listening to the positive podcasts of Lesley Riddoch and this week the tour around the country continues, meeting after meeting. The energy these guys have is phenomenal. Loved the way that this network has evolved and how every one has helped each other, looked after each other and the excitement has grown as the opinion polls have closed. I have started to listen to John Beattie over the last couple of weeks and sorry not sooner. The most reasonable and balanced over view of the Referendum I have come across on MSM. Had an amusing experience listening to the psychology  of how we are going to vote. Seems when we listen to “experts” the independent thinking part of our brain shuts down. Unfortunately a study on experts predicting the future whether in medicine or economics does not show them up in good light. In fact very bad light, so all these postings, tweets I have read and retweeted do not mean much. When you look back what economists predicted 2008, or politicians for that matter. The same ones who are saying we should not try some thing different. I have come to the conclusion that they do not know any more than I do and that is very little. I do believe in a community, in saying We instead of I, I believe in “all of us first” and taking responsibility for our own actions, mistakes, ambitions and vision. The worldis watching us avidly, is seeing something amazing, people who are telling the Establishment enough is enough. There is widespread panic already amongst the corridors of power, they no longer know how to deal with people having a say in their own lives. Neo liberals have got used to 30/40% turnouts and complaining about disengagement. Well we are engaged as todays and tonight’s conversations at the Inn and everywhere else back up. Several people going home tomorrow to vote, its brilliant. And the most telling aspect of it all is all these Europeans telling us go for it. In fact the chat with regular visiting Belgians will stick with me and her closing comment was “Good luck tomorrow”

Comments on: "“Good Luck for Tomorrow”" (8)

  1. Yes we all, us Scots living in England wish you good luck. We just want whats best for Scotland. x

  2. Best of luck with the vote. Big No from an Englishman living in England but perhaps if I was still living in Scotland then perhaps a yes.

    Whatever happens I will still religiously follow your blog.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Really appreciate your comment Alistair. If and it is a big if we will be good neighbours if I have anything to do with it. Cheers and all the best.

      • Indeed we will, though I was incensed at seeing the Saltaire flying above Stockport town hall today, you never see the St Georges Flag flying not even on St Georges day.

  3. Yes, best luck to all Scots on this importent day!
    We observe it from 1992, our first time to see your wunderfull country, see the people and hear the language, see the chance to speak Gaelic again, see the industrial expansion and also the bad sides of live …..
    We wish you all the best Anita

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you and much appreciated. I think something has begun, maybe not turned out as people have expected or hoped but this is not going away. Cheers Again

  4. Gino Rondelli said:

    Not made it up for a while, been a busy summer catching up after our year skiving off through the Americas.
    Hopefully make it up soon for a celebration Dram……

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