A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Work and Walks.

While it is the biggest political event in my lifetime the ordinary world of living goes on and there was a good spell at sea from Wednesday


through to Saturday with enough prawns being caught. I almost always say that nowadays even the the fishing is poor Not that the weather was as settled as I had wanted,


in fact on Thursday I came in a bit earlier and took my time going in past the seals on the rocks.


They are quite jittery but hope they will get more and more used to me and I will get a couple of closer shots in time. They look as they were getting lined up for the shot but some never quite made it.


Porpoises have arrived just out from St Island and I find watching them very peaceful. They do not come clear of the water like the dolphins but slowly appear briefly, glinting in the sunlight. Favourite bird is the gannet at the moment and there are a few on the Sound, fairly cautious and take that as a good sign as i think they are feeding well. I often look up and catch a splash as they hit the water catching another fish. Interesting traffic passing south and the best way to shift wood.


Autumn is very much under way with the Devil’s Bit Scabeous out in force.


Dougal at the moment is looking like a “sticky willow” seed spreader but always wants out for more. This was taken pre seeding.


The big high pressure has not been wall to wall sunshine but the evening light has been ever changing


and Dougal has got me out for a last run on the bike on two or three nights.


Saturday evening was just a couple of notches up


from the usual spectacular. Went down to the Caman and back,


beautiful all the way.


Saturday evening usually means a shift at the Inn but the old head decided to have a particularly bad day. warning phone call at two, which was followed by a call off at five. phoned back at eight to offer to come up but it was all over by then. Busy enough especially for the Boss as you are one down and have to work that bit harder. wednesday night saw a Canadian four eat out on table 8


and the seafood platter,


always spectacular, was outstanding sitting on the table in the two large dishes.


They were entertained by Phil while enjoying their meal and their experience of Applecross was extended for another night as they had such a good time. Indeed as I headed to bed at twelve I heard their voices drifting across the fields as they continued their evening into the early hours.

The Debate has really hit the headlines over the weekend as the polls have finally picked up what has been happening here for weeks if not months. I do not think it has shown the true nature of the grassroots campaign and is still concentrating on the top down stuff and has not realised the new energy coming from the people previously taken for granted by the big three parties. Where it is fascinating for me is the conversations going on everywhere on the ground. Staff members asking for information, customers asking one’s opinion, undecided people really confused about how to vote. Even had a delivery of the Wee Blue Book, which were all handed out. One table in particular were very enjoyable company and most of all it is the pleasantness of the discussions that is impressing me. Such a momentous decision with all its passion and fervour is not spilling over into any acrimonious arguments. Uploaded all the photos in record quick time tonight, internet working well. Filling Station news is that our new one is arriving on the 22nd of this month and will be fitted in three days. Once local card bills sorted out it will be a welcome goodbye to a disastrous relationship. Hoping for a new and less time consuming phase. I suppose one way of looking at it is we have been resilient enough to survive all the problems.

Comments on: "Work and Walks." (2)

  1. Even when you are working hard, you seem to have a great life in Applecross. The beautiful views and the tranquil moments seem to make the ideal counterbalance to a busy life with such high degree of community involvement.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Every now and again it gets stressful when you fall behind. My Achilles Heel at the moment is my bookwork, both my own and my volunteer stuff, but that is outweighed by “the moments” with Dougal and Co. The Community is getting stronger in its involvement in various projects. It has to be quite slow as self belief can take a few knocks if things do not go as planned. Thanks for your comments and likes.

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