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A Ceilidh Day

Another couple of days, beautiful weather and indifferent fishing. At sea yesterday coupled with a shift at the Inn. Cannot stop taking snaps of Ardhu in this weather,


so well situated below the Cuillin, despite The Inner Sound between them. Fairly intense schedule with everyone away it is just the dogs and me so spending so much time at the Inn and/or at sea they take priority when I come in. They do seem relatively settled and just lie around when I am out. Am assuming that as there is no destruction when I return. As soon as I come back from landing the prawns at the Inn it is straight down the road with them to the top of Criag Darroch and a wee seat overlooking the moorings.


Good for me as much as them as it is just a bit of time out before tucking into the tea, washing etc.

Today has been one of these time outs, partly due to a bad headache when curtailed the enjoyment of last night’s shift. Was in a spot of trouble by the end of it and made it home slowly on the bike doped up with painkillers and after letting the dogs out a doze on the couch helped things as it was reduced to just a headache by twelve. When I say letting the dogs out that meant two as the east wind had blown the back door open and Dougal headed off for a jaunt. He has been good lately but this time I did not worry about him too much and sure enough he was there at 7.00am sitting across the road despite the gate being left open for him.

Yesterday was a routine day with a stunning morning


to start work in


and it was over the Pier to fuel up and sort some diesel for the Inn’s Generator, and take bait on board. Sometimes I think I could do with a crewman, have a cleaner and slightly less chaotic boat although everything gets put in its place by the time I arrive at my first fleet.


Passed the Grace Anne hauling crab pots at the back of St Island with her shaky crewman. Seems the result of a couple of glasses of wine with Son No1 last night. The calm day will help.


The evening light show was wonderful,


the result of a front coming in from the west and the excuse for not going fishing today.


Kept the last fleet on board for a change round tomorrow morning. Only a couple of fleets like this and it will be a pain to remove, but we are back onto the “German writing” worm. The pressure washer does not remove them and they have to bashed off……time consuming.


Back to today and down the road early for the prawn landing. Nice few minutes on my own with a heron and a couple of gulls. Did not have the camera unfortunately as the heron is notoriously shy. But sitting on a rock looking west waiting for the Boss it was peaceful and for a couple of minutes of solitude all is well. Wee ceilidh with the Boss before head back to the house to complete recovery. Only other thing of note and this made my day, the ceilidh continued. I headed off down to the shop, Mainly for a WHFP, which had not arrived incidentally. Before setting off, Margaret was at the door and for something that took 5 mins ended up chatting for 20. On the way to the shop and stopped for a chat with Ali, who mentioned about Dan being taken off the Hill a couple of days ago by helicopter to Raigmore while out helping with a stalk. So armed with a packet of biscuits I called in to see Dan, an excrewman, turns out it was a condition that he has had all his life. Simply put it is a short-circuit of his heart that doubles his heart rate and if he tries to work through it causes him a few problems. Normally he shuts down to get it back into sinc. As there was a stag to load and ponies about the shut down stage never took place so company got worried and called in the chopper which already had a causality from Torridon on board. Dan was more embarrassed than ill so all ended well. But another wee ceilidh ensued. Makes you realise just stopping for a chat means so much and we just do not make time for it these days…..too rapped up in being busy and there is so much to talk about. Now back to busy which means the evening shift is beginning soon.

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  1. Stunning photos as ever must purchase some calendars when i am up in September …dad was very impressed Liz xxx

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