A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


The contrast over the weekend to the beginning of the week could not be more stark. Saturday evening a definite pub atmosphere in amongst all the good food being consumed. Lots of big fishermen going over what they had caught, fish getting bigger, in proportion to the number of pints consumed but it was enjoyed by all and the visitors joined in with gusto.Sounds as if it was a good day with good catches, Michelle landing 150 kilos of fish. Being too old to enjoy myself at the Dance I was left to close up at the Inn which turned out to be a very pleasant task. Although I had come across the “man from Mull” earlier I had not engaged. he turned up after hours looking for a Heineken with the intention of heading down to the Hall. First thought was way too late, but had a look about and realised I had a half hour before it was all sorted and locked down so went to get one. Great chat and it involved Macleods and Yes voting. Realised that I may know who he was as a Macleod and box playing were dropped into the conversation. turns out Robert Macleod, son of the famous Bobby Macleod, accordion player extraordinaire. (Cannot stop playing the Libations’ Caledonia just now).Right on locking up he asked what it would be like down at the Hall, “Would it be a Rammy?” Suggested it would be and he took the decision to head back to the tent. And the story from the Hall was that it was a Rammy.

Sunday turned out to be a long shift, getting prawns in the morning before a twelve-hour shift. Cheesed off when I went out to the Varuna only to find I had forgotten to put one of the boxes over the side so all dead. Waste…. really cheesed off. The rest of the catch did last the shift so only of the menu for the Monday lunch shift. With the pooches on their own today I took them down the road in the stunning morning,


otter watch was the order of the day. Some do not learn their lessons.


Mind you others are on Dougal watch.


Cycled home for a break and to feed and take out Dougal and Co. Back up the road and was late having had to stop off to take a few snaps.





Weather has turned and wonderful long sunny days still here with sunsets to compare anywhere in the world.



Nice end to the evening when a London family turned up latish and there was a bit of confusion over a forgotten anniversary. All sorted by putting an extra-large Eton Mess on fire.


Contrast the two days fishing on my own on the water with the hustle and bustle of the weekend, the blue skies and relatively calm waters,




a breeze from the east but only gentle. Difficult time of year to fish for me as 50% of the prawns are now going back over the side. There are large numbers of berried females appearing in the creels but fortunate enough there are enough being landed to keep me out of poverty. Today surprisingly enough we almost caught as many extra-large as we did small prawns, although that does not account for the numbers of  returned berries. Don’t know what a gathering of cormorants are, anyone?


Looked busy still at the Inn but it is coming to the end of the English holidays and that will ease the numbers down a bit. Evening out with the dogs and although tiring all shaping up to make the winter feel that bit shorter,I hope. Heather looking great and going to check to see if honey available this weekend.



Had half an eye on the Debate last night out of interest, bit shouty but what you would expect. Do not think many people would be persuaded either way but twitter is full of people going towards Yes. Possibly the worst outcome looming….a recount with recriminations. Bit different from the 30% Yes starting line eighteen months ago. The next three weeks are going to be intense so better not go on too much but I think there is a chance we may be taking the opportunity to make our own ballsups instead of blaming everyone else..


Comments on: "Contrast." (5)

  1. Moira Blurton said:

    Apparently they’re called a gulp of cormorants!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks for that there is often a Gulp on that particular rock. Maybe their drying room.

  2. A gathering of cormorants is a gulp or s flight though gulp sounds far better.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers, that was something I never knew. Often see them on that particular rock at low tide. Owls and St Kildans have/had the Parliament but it sometimes looks like that.

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    And finally a wisdom of wombats not that you are likely to come across many of them in applecross.

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