A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

From Bees to Boris.

It has been a quiet few days in that the weather has been pretty poor. It was good to get the extra fleets up on Friday as the weather broke over the weekend and stayed that way up till now. Hoping to be back on the water tomorrow, back permitting. A potter about day on Saturday which included a wander down to the shop with Dougal.


There seems to be a burst of colour showing how well the heather is doing this year and any break in the showers and wind the bees are out collecting.


The evening we were up at the Inn as usual and it was a steady night, less silly busy than usual and the Boss took some time off leaving us to do the front of house ourselves. Good mix of Europeans and home-grown and all happy with one or two comments expressing best meal. Always good to pass on to the kitchen. Couple of late arrivals from the Hostel, Germans from Frankfurt, deliberately took the bus so they would speak to people. They had an interesting take on learning language in that they reckon that we have more time concentrating on other stuff rather than spending time learning some one else’s language. I am always in awe of the effort people make to learn my language and have promised myself that this winter I am going to make an effort, however small, in order to interact a little. They got me talking about the Referendum and in a good way, just explaining the logic of how it is going to pan out. With Son No4 home as well the discussions are raging at home and it is great to hear articulate reasons put forward. Defence, economics and the rest are getting the full works. Something I got into only when we went to war in the Falklands in the early 80s. Good these discussions are taking place with an air of respect and no one is falling out but using words rather than fists to support their arguments. Bit different from some the bigotry expressed by some supporters I have seen on twitter this last week. Fascinating programme on just now about how people may vote and suggests that people who are risk averse tend to vote No. Great chats with the boys about how the brain works and scans showing parts of the brain reacting to liberal ideas. Feel lucky.

Sunday was a long day at the Inn, inundated by Italianos from Florence and was broken by a trip to Shieldaig, a taxi run for three cyclists,


two of whom were booked into the Inn. Geordie, a Spanish cyclist, had joined them and it was a bit of a squash on the way back. Interesting chat speaking to a lady working for Boris in London and a teacher in Hackney. Love hearing other people’s perspective and there’s on Scotland was genuinely positive and they had a lot to say about the welcome they had received around the country. Also a wee insight into how Boris “works” with planning. That, and a couple who were travelling around the country having sold up in Amsterdam and he was reading “The Poor Had no Lawyers”, so the obvious conversation followed. Would like to get it sourced but read last week that 70/80% of land ownership in Scotland is based on the profits of slavery. I guess that may be a bit high but even if it was 10%, nothing to be proud off. Just missed a spectacular shaft of light over the Sound. By the time I got the camera out it had gone but still not so bad.


Wind continues yesterday from the North so it was a trip out to the boat to bring ashore the rest of the prawns for the Inn and as it was up in the van I was duty bound to fill it with wood on the way back.


Power saw on the beach and the tree is now home unfortunately I must have weakened my back as I could not move this afternoon after leaning into the back of the van for something and moved the wrong way. In retrospect should have cut them into smaller logs. Painful but may be okay tomorrow as I recognise the muscle that has been stretched. Compensate by using stomach muscles to protect the damaged back muscle and a visit to Sarah is on the cards for Friday. May be painful. It was shaping up to be productive day, working on buoys


and a tidy up but came to an abrupt stop. IMG_0989Had a laugh at break time when Teacher came out to ring the bell for the end of the break but the wee ones had n’t quite got the hang of it and carried on playing across the road. There was quite a lot of bell ringing to get them to come back to the classroom. Son No3 looks as though he is heading off tomorrow fit and healthy and according to the Doc one of the most tested patients she has come across. He has three pages of twenty tests per page to his name. Seems an unknown infection and no long-term damage so off to a dive in Scapa Flo and next term.

Comments on: "From Bees to Boris." (1)

  1. Glad your son is better. I still have bronchitis… horrible, but its clearing up

    Love the photos as ever Liz x

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