A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Well that is the Games over for another year and it was such a shame about the weather. But that is the west coast summertime for you. Five days of beautiful weather and when you really need it, breezy with rain. Anyway it was down to a busy afternoon and evening at the Inn and a fair bit of diplomacy as well. Turns out that some of the local visitors playing footie outside the Inn did not go down too well with the Boss and some of the guests. Unsurprisingly Judith was a little upset, not to say a little tired as a result and that brought in a blanket ban for the group. As I have gone through school with many of their fathers and sons have some of them as mates, a little negotiations took place to ease the ban for some of them who either were not there or at least claimed that. The phrase that best described the situation was “Those who fly with the crows”. Luckily I have got to know some and guys arriving on the Saturday were not put under the same ban. As ever the big-hearted Boss slackened the restraints and there were a few not very healthy souls in for a couple of revivers on Sunday morning. Saturday night clear up was one of the fastest I have seen as staff rushed to get things sorted and disappear up to the Rhythm and Reel dance. By all accounts very good. I, on the other hand, was involved in the clean up but got my scoops of Aron’s Ice Cream and soon was on my bike going in the other direction. I no longer wonder what I miss out on these days, must be an age thing.

Stayed on at the Inn till around eight on Sunday managing a Thai curry mistake just before leaving, she wanted a veg Thai not chicken, only other event of the day was having to close the toilets due to back up. Resolved on Tuesday when SW came in around 8.30pm only to find it had unblocked itself. Have to say that to a man all the workmen we come across locally are brilliant and helpful. It is just when you go up the chain that you find obstacles and reasons for not carrying out common sense actions. We are really struggling to get permission from Scottish Water to allow us to plug into their electric supply at Diabeg, some thing they would not even notice was there, but the guys who came over late on Tuesday were great. It was a little embarrassing as I had not checked it but the guys were pretty cool about it. As ever, like No 3 ‘ unknown “virus” it is always better to know what causes breakdowns even when they sort themselves out. Main thing toilets open and working again. So coming home rather than fall asleep on the sofa, I went down to the Pier to salt the slabs of herring picked up on Friday. Quickly done and a wander over to Ardban with the dogs.



Dougal charging about, Eildh pottering around off the track and Jenny just trotting along behind, all showing their age. Lovely evening sun


and back in time for the Sevens Final.

Monday meant going fishing again as the weather is due to break mid-week so need to keep these prawns on the menu. A pleasant day out, bit misty in the morning


and fairly uneventful with even less prawns in the deep water. One or two more gannets about



but main thing is it stayed nice and quiet. The evening light showed the forecast was right for Tuesday/Wednesday, a day sooner than expected. It felt quite oppressive


but spectacular as ever.



Made it up to the ALPS meeting, the last of the monthlies, now down to quarterly maintenance meetings. Felt slightly apprehensive going as having read the minutes of the last meeting there were a couple of sentences that I may have corrected as post meeting notes but the flow of the meeting did not merit it. Unfortunately for me I went through the next day and a half on the couch with a pretty nasty headache, more frustrating than anything as it stopped me enjoying a day off not being able to potter about doing little jobs and paper work. But there are worse ailments. It is good to see No 3 continue his slow recovery. Painkillers long gone and just walking with a limp and getting some of his energy back. Another visit to Raigmore discovering nothing new and confirming or adding to the list of what he has not got. So my recovery complete it will be off to the Inn tonight, as ever when you recover from one of these episodes your awareness of how good life in Applecross can be intensifies. Only other downer, with all what has been going on over the last couple of weeks did not get to a wet dip at The Filling Station in time for a run out tomorrow of petrol. More ordered and due in on Friday. It has been very busy lately in the Community and you get caught out, so apologies for anyone needing petrol on Thursday.

Comments on: "Post Games. (Flying with the Crows)" (6)

  1. Good to see you Ali although i always appreciate you are busy, having spent a day helping you over to Uags

    Just to let you know janet and Isaw 4 baby otters on the beach at Camusteel before we left to head back to Manchester; they were beautiful; and a lovely aurevoir. x see you again in September Good to hear some of the locals not banned from the pub any more x


    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Very few get banned. They have to cross a distant line but some do manage it. Don’t get to see many otters with the dogs but plenty about.

  2. Alistair said:

    Glad to here No. 3 is picking up in strength again. As ever wonderful pictures.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers, A, thanks for the photos comment. Yes he is back to full working order with out any of us being the wiser to what was the problem. Out playing badminton just now so all good.

  3. Saw this article and thought about yourself …
    The illusion of local democracy http://www.scottishreview.net/MartinMorrison164.shtml

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      That was a good read. Local democracy is not something we do well in this country. All in the name of cost saving. Manage to keep my cynicism under control to keep going and do the little things that matter. The Community Company has more strings to its bow than the Council, but relies heavily on volunteers.

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