A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

What I have done over the next few posts is write it a bit like a diary as there has been a bit of a break due to dropping yet another camera in the water as I was taking Kirsty ashore. I ordered a second hand one the same day but it only arrived on the 23rd. I have been taking photos with Jack’s but for some reason I have not been able to down load them so waited until that was possible. So cracked this tonight (23rd)…..that was until I lost several photos

Saturday, 19th, Midday; Apart from Monday, which was a recovery day. Although getting better at doing nothing in order to recover from a busy stint I find there is still too much to do to relax properly. Did manage to go back for a catch up kip/doze till mid day or there abouts. Been taking photos through the week with the new second hand camera, even taken it out on the boat but iPhoto is struggling to recognise the card as it is in the different camera. A bit of technology that is beyond me, but that is not hard I suppose. The weather on Monday helped as it got windier  the afternoon. A wee break there and ordered a card reader, so simple if it works. I am missing my own photos and they are building up on the cards. The dogs enjoy this weather.



Tuesday, the weather improved dramatically and it began up at the Walled Garden with some of the Company Directors and Dave Hollings who was on a tour of the west and some islands.


Very interesting what he had to say as we are now entering the next stage of the Hydro project, that is raising the money for building works. We also have had to deal with the complication that SSE has given us in saying that our 90kw connection was not what it said, or rather it was what they decided what it said. It turned out that what they meant was 50kw now and 40kw later when they “get round to it”. So this is why we have gone for the more complicated private wire to use our power locally so to get back up to the 90kw originally planned. Feasibility studies so far are all positive and all the macro planning have still to be worked out. The share offers so far for renewable projects both in Scotland and the North of England have been successful and at current bank rates are very attractive. Mainly as a green and community venture for me it is a no brainer, nasty word but simple description. And you are getting more than inflation and certainly more than the banks are offering.

Monday, 22nd, evening; Made it out to fish around half ten and ripped round a 350 creel haul on the Middle Bank before coming in and putting my mooring rope in the propeller.


I was already out of gear before realising it was in so thought it may have been a turn and could come out with relative ease. No such luck, so it was off ashore to land the prawns, get the dry suit on, and back out to the boat. Decided not to bother with the bottle and just put on the weights and flippers to nip under and untwist the rope. Took a lot longer than expected and a lot of deep breaths, so much so that I was a bit dizzy when I came back on board the dinghy. Managed to free it although the rope cutter had worked and there is now  a big knot in the line waiting for a low tide to splice it in. Came ashore knackered. Best laid plans do not apply when you have your own fishing boat. The calendars are going well with happy customers leaving with them.


Comments on: "Share Issues and Mooring Ropes." (6)

  1. Lindy Sharpe said:

    How can I order a calendar?

  2. Sheila Capewell said:

    Me too! I’d like to take one to my daughter in Texas in about 4 weeks and want one for my Mum and one for me!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Sending for envelopes so will sort something out this week. Maybe if you send your address to the Inn with a note so I can send them off to you. Will probably set up a paypal but may not be in time for you. Thanks for the purchases in advance.

  3. Alistair said:

    Good see you back Ali. How is No 3 doing?

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      No 3 is definitely on the mend, through at Raigmore today but walking okay in the last couple of days. Still knackered and lost 6 kilos, but looking better. Would like to know what it was but may just be down to some of the many viruses that are about. Thanks for asking.

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