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Calendar for Sale.

Yesterday at the Inn Judith went through to see her Dad before lunch kicked off so it was in the hands of those left behind. Back up in the office and not too over staffed out front meant it was a”keep the head day”. After a ferocious shower in the morning the weather was typically Scottish, cool, breezy, sunny with clouds scudding across from the west. Busy but not too bad. Expected a fifteen group of Honda Gold Wings but that was reduced to eleven and only seven ate inside.


Ice creams going well from the Airstream.Sarah has stopped sleeping as she is still proof reading and now serving on the counter. Mind you Aron must be in the same position as he has to make even more ice creams as well as selling them. Bikes over there as well.


I wonder if increased employment is on the way here. Could be the start of a new Nardini’s. The Paramor ice cream parlour. Got a ring to it. Half an hour off in the afternoon which seemed enough and knowing there were twenty-one booked in for 8pm plus residents and eighteen for six it promised to be a full on evening shift and did not disappoint. Little bit hectic around seven when one or two waiting for tables and the Filling Station goes down. French Camper vans and needed attention. Quick jog along the road, reboot, appreciation and back into the fray. I find I just do not panic or get overwhelmed any more. The visitors just keep coming, they always get served with stunning food and all you have to do is find them a place to sit and have a craic with them. The kitchen was supreme last night. A lot of tabs on fairly late but communications were good and compliments were top drawer. Met my first other Dougal, that is a dog called Dougal. He stayed in room 8 and they were the first residents to buy the new calendar which is now on sale for a mere £8.50. This is a whole new arena for me to enter and if some told me two years ago I would be selling calendars as a fund-raiser for the Community Company, I would have laughed. I still say I am not a photographer but live in one of the more scenic parts of the world and have my camera with me all the time and that seems to balance out resulting in one or two photos that come out okay.


First 8 sold without much effort and are being well received, with the promise of more…..great cause anyway. With every one fed and happy, Dougal No2 off for his walk there was a wee light show to finish off a very tiring day.


Often looking 180 degrees from where the light show is taking place you find softer colours. Not wishing to go on about our now non-existent pier but I have never seen any thing wrong in jetties, slipways and local piers in our landscape. Hearing a friends comments showing me his photos of his trip to Diabeg was describing a picture he took coming into Shieldaig. He said the jetties and pontoons drew the eye and led up to the shore line of the village. And the same at Milton and could have been the same at the Coal Shed.


A a little contemplation is always good when you are far from home.


A day that gives you an insight to our remarkable Boss who has done this day in day out for the last 25 years. It is like having a fishing boat riding on the end of a rope in bad weather. You may not be aboard but you are never away from it. Did not really expect to be out today as there was a little breeze forecast and I had prawns hanging ready for todays customers. As it turned out the head acted up, not a migraine but bad enough to head back for a lie down for a couple of hours. No complaints as there are others that have more than headaches to deal with. Now off out to take my dingy across to its new mooring and give me no further excuse for not using my trailer and back to delivering prawns by bike.

Comments on: "Calendar for Sale." (9)

  1. I like the idea of your calendar. How can I buy a copy?

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Slowly getting act together. Have not expected so much interest so just working out posting/payment etc. Be in touch.

  2. Sheila Capewell said:

    Where are you selling the calendars? At the pub? My nephew is in Applecross this week and I’d love a calendar.

  3. Sheila Capewell said:

    OK cancel the last comment. Apparently he was there last week and is home now! (he’s posting his pics on Facebook and making me jealous) Either way I’d love to buy some calendars. Please let me know how. Thanks.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Be in touch when work out sending etc. If enough interest may set up an online payment.The idea is just evolving as it goes along.
      Thanks for interest.

  4. hi Snoddie, Janet ,my partner , who is a doctor asked if your son has been tested for Lyme disease….just trying to help. Liz

  5. Stunning cover photo for the calendar

  6. Yes I would be interested in getting one as well. But not coming over this year. Really enjoy keeping up to date. As I enjoyed my first visit last year and seeing where my grandmother came from some such a beautiful place.

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