A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


Thursday after shift; Coming out of Raigmore at eightish on Wednesday and walking toward the crossing, a blue car slowly  going along in the 20 mile an hour zone was passing. Window rolled down and passenger on the phone with elbow on the sill when suddenly he points and shouts Applecross. That was it, a little surreal, as it drove slowly off down to the traffic lights. Wednesday did not turned out as planned and ended up spending eight hours  with No 3 while he got some more tests. Results only being finding out what he did not have, malaria, TB, some African parasite and a strange strain of pneumonia. Looking like it may be some strange form of virus and basically means he can hardly walk. Today it was the Boss’s turn, going through to see her Dad and fearing the worst. Same ward and another all day session. Roger had a breathing problem and was not getting rid of his carbon dioxide. When the family had left by evening time he was back round and reading the paper. He will be in for a wee while but seems there is quite a bit of life left in him yet. All in all it meant that the End of Alps party passed me by. Would have been working so would have added to the list of meetings and events I have missed through working evenings in the summer.  The drive home especially going through Garve was beautiful with the God Fingers over Ben Wyvis and this after seeing the slanting sun catching the farmlands of the Black Isle. Paulo Nutini on the iPod and heading home to Applecross, only the health of No 3 to worry about and all is well.

Sunday morning; Friday began with heavy rain but with an improving forecast. Kept an eye on the weather but it cleared up too late for me to head out for a meaningful haul.By mid afternoon the rain had stopped and the wind died away to nothing.


Good time to catch up on a bit of video watching an episode of Breaking Bad, rationing it out well, and a film about bees and honey production. http://cosmos-documentaries.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/more-than-honey-hd-documentary-film.html Found this lovely in places,the elderly Alpine man who cared so much about his hives, but was struck by how much the American beekeeper had moved away from being a beekeeper. He had turned it into an industrial unit, transporting bees across the Americas and back again. The scenes where they were making up the new hives, I found appalling, the picture of cleaning the tops of the frames, bees and all will stay with me. Also scooping all the bees of the apex and dumping them into different hives and then slapping the roofs on made me think of my little efforts to increase my bees population. I was feeling bad about splitting the hive making my bees work harder to build up to two hives. Somewhat illogical but I will never convert bees/honey into money. They are worth far more than that and always will be. If they produce excess honey….that’s the bonus. The Alpine beekeeper was distraught when he discovered foul brood and had to put a hive down, the American had crossed the Thin Red Line years ago. The mysteries of technology still puzzles me and photos I had lost when doing my hive splitting reappeared.



Later on around nine noticed the light show over Raasay


and on the way in just a little hint of autumn on the sycamore tree at the gate.


Yesterday after a huge amount of effort I made it out on the boat and enjoyed a fine days fishing, not the only one out.


Woke at five and heard the inshore forecast for Ardnamurchan to Cape Wrath as S/W 4/5, increasing to 5/6, not inspiring but as it turns out the weather did not turn till evening and a fairly rapid 300 were hauled by 2.30pm.


Couple of fleets hit the squats hard and there turned out to be a lot of tailing, but nice to see the lemon sole and sea bass being served with squats again.


Traditional sailing on view in the afternoon


and only one was not interested in seeing her pass.


Busy night and the Boss stayed away leaving us to work the floor. Went well and a really busy hour meant we had to be on our toes finding tables and keeping everyone happy. Big birthday party this weekend and the BarBQ did not happen as expected and numbers who wanted food went up. Lots of great food, fair amount of alcohol and lots of banter with some music thrown in made for a community night in the bar. Home by twelve, knowing that Roger is still in his ward, not improving as well as hoped and No3 still struggling on with his ailment. Nice to know so many people are concerned and asking after them, says a lot about where I live. Really do not know what is round the next corner apart from the fact another corner will there.

Comments on: "Corners." (9)

  1. So looking forward the The games… But I think I will come last in the run… tee hee Lizx

  2. Alistair said:

    Sorry to hear about No3 Ali. I hope they find out what it is and get him sorted soon.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Here’s hoping, maybe a virus that the body has to fight off in time.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Hi A, replied last night and a couple of them did not get through. Thanks for that and a slight improvement this morning.

  3. Worrying times Ali, I hope they can find what it is soon and no3 can be on the way to recovery. The photo of the sailing ship is beautiful.
    Best wishes.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks and just hoping it will work through.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers replied last night but for some reason….Thanks any way for pic comment and concern. Slightly better this morning.

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