A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Monday at noon; Friday up till after the 300 creels hauled mark was a fairly uneventful day at sea. Fishing still poor but enough for the two Inns as some were sent off to Drum this morning. Coming up to the seventh buoy of the morning I had forgotten to get the book hook ready, so as everything in place I nipped to the stern got it back in time and hopped into the wheelhouse, big mistake. I am supposed to step in as the top of the door frame is very close to my height. The little hop meant it was a lot lower. In fact low enough for me a smack my head of a bit of nicely dressed wood that stunned me for a minute or so and when I stood up, blood dripping from the gash. Five minutes or so later, after a wee think about it, and with a packed tissue under the hat to stem the flow, I hauled the last 100 for the day. Sometimes Health and Safety cannot account for stupidity, wearing a hard hat all day is just not practical, so a blow on the head every ten years is just something you live with. A little consternation when I arrived with the head wound on display as I landed the langoustines at the Inn. Struggled a little later, filling in for an extra shift to let staff out to disco dancing at the Hall. And a couple of after-hours pints did not help the mood or health. But that was then and the only aftermath of the day has been a no fish day as I had left a switch on and flatted my batteries over the weekend. The weather is quiet all week so a chance to catch up the lost day if need be. Although not so misty as last week


the weather does close in.


Ten minutes later you could hardly see St Island. Because there was a gap between hauls last week the occasional ling that gets into the creel, drowns, and is returned to nature.


Opportunist octopi are on the go as well. I put them back as they are just getting on with life and I should not judge.


Been hauling the University creels and am just getting around to transcribing the details, hope to have some sent off tomorrow. Little bit of information learned is the identification of the male and female. I would only notice if the female was either berried or carrying green sac, the pre berry stage. Now after being shown it is obvious, the male on the right.


Batteries are on charge now and will be ready for tomorrow morning. During the day on Saturday it ended up as a recovery from the head knock and did not get the chance to think too much about it in the evening as I was called in early with a 25 booked at six. From then on it was busy. Sometimes you do a shift where it is busy, you do everything you should but you miss out on a connection all night. Julie and Alan were still here but very few other connections made apart from the York guys and a German couple. Yesterday was different and with one or two staff “hiding” from the effects of Tara’s 21st it was another full on shift. Yet another wedding party, Swiss connection this time< Hans, from Lochcarron over at twelve, kicked off the day and it did not stop till four. New Hampshire family in the dinning room and a New York lady on table 1 were good craic and her loudly telling me about the NH slogan of “Live free or die” brought the NH lady out of the Dining room thinking there were a compatriot in the building. Meanwhile outside the Airstream is slowly getting into action


and Sarah and Aron were on ice cream duty over the week-end. The weather has not been conducive to selling much but potential is there. Had a dip into the next generation as some of the survivors from the party on Saturday came in for lunch, very glad to have stopped drinking seeing the condition of some of them, but they were well-behaved and I was spotted as Son No 3’s dad and  a little catch up ensued. Happy not to be out today as a harsh cold/sore throat is going through the community and was pretty rough last night and this morning although the batteries and not my health stopped me fishing. Landing langoustine for Loch Ness in the morning, passing Milton Loch the reflections were so still.

IMG_0421 Day completed with the required amount of paper work, a reseeding of carrots and beetroot and a reboot of the Filling Station, yes still going on but the end is in sight. So now the send half of the footie and no more Breaking Bad.

Comments on: "“A Bang on the Head”" (6)

  1. Pat Tyrrell said:

    Hope you are feeling better Ali. I love that view of Milton Loch, great photograph

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers Pat, bit ropey this morning but okay. all’s good with you I hope and cheers for Milton Loch. Suffering from cabin fever a bit but getting out to Broadford next week!!

  2. Ally MacRae said:

    Breaking bad is brillaint Snod, indeed I fancy watching it again……Brazil are pretty ordinary…..c’mon Croatia!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      And I have Costa Rica in the pub sweep…..BB is brilliant, as good as everyone has said.

  3. Sprat 123 said:

    Every days a school day ! Male and female prawns and as you say knowing about crabs reproductive parts it’s as plain as the nose on yer face which is which . Perhaps with a bit o luck the bang on the head might sort to the migraine , always look on the bright side until the next time

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