A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Sand Thoughts.

Looking out the window now with the rain, pushed along by a strong south westerly, hitting the window, was very pleased to have found the energy to go up the Sand path with the pooches. Hard to believe that my Mum, when she was district nursing here after the War came along here to carry out her nursing duties on the North Coast. IMG_9714   IMG_9697 Should have the odd photo lying about somewhere and will have to go looking under the stairs. After Tuesdays fishing the weather has taken a bit of a dip and nothing has happened at sea for the last thee days. Two shifts at the Inn, both reasonably busy but still having plenty of time to chat and make people welcome. Apart from the regulars there is a constant amazement about how busy the place is but by the end of the evening they come up to you and tell you they now know why, having had a welcome and some amazing food to enjoy. Easy to keep the kitchen happy or at least in the know that what they are doing is being appreciated out front. Sometimes it can get a little remote when you are stuck behind the scene churning out the impressive meals. Although a little pressured for the odd half hour or so it is an amazing experience and such a variety of conversations to engage in. Although things are starting to tick over quite nicely and getting used to the tired feel to the season due to the many hours of mostly enjoyable work. With lots of stress conversations going on over the last couple of days, intrigue it was good to go on to the Sand track and just lose yourself in thoughts and enjoy the spectacular views both north and south. There cannot be many other more beautiful places in the world, certainly many of the visitors think so. IMG_9715 The west coast of Scotland must rate as one of the best destinations in the world. IMG_9740 Everything is so much simpler when you are out of reach, it is sometimesIMG_9729 best not to know some people’s opinions and up on the hills of Applecross they certainly do not matter. Always enjoy constructive criticism and think about it check it over and either take it on board or argue against it. Some you just cannot reply to as it is just a series of assertions and prejudged opinions of what they think you think and/or write. I am more and more comfortable with my evolving views, partly because I can find the space like up on the Sand path, and they evolve without having to do anyone down. As Mark Twain was reputed to say “Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul”. I find myself being drawn more and more to the grass roots political movement of the RIC and The Common Weal where the teeshirt says “All of us First”. Very simplified version of community but you have to start some where. Our Community Company has and will be criticised for not doing everything when everyone wants with governance and whatever desired service, but there are huge efforts behind the scenes and a steep learning curve underway. Again the constructive criticism can be used to correct any faults and failings. Top of the Sand path is an excellent place to think these things through and there is so much more to say but in this years rather febrile atmosphere little by little is best. Having a sit up there and imaging 50 years ago to a couple of hundred years to when the area was covered in trees is so peaceful. Watching Dougal and co chasing about in the heather only just managing to ignore the red deer on the horizon. IMG_9702 Looking north across the timeless landscape you see the MOD building at Sand and although you cannot see it, the Community Broadband mast on Rona taking the latest technology over to Applecross. IMG_9706 There are lots of technical discussions going on to see how these speeds can be increased to the next level of band width. Already 5mbs, although far better than BT, will not satisfy demand in a couple of years. Back home took 4o+ ticks of Dougal. This year is, and not just here,  proving to be the worst year for ticks since I have come back to Applecross. Killed hundreds, taking them both before they attach and after, missing the occasional marble, finding it on the floor. Both on the way and way back the views up here are awesome IMG_9746   IMG_9722 on a day like today and rejuvenating. Breezy though. IMG_9758 Now Saturday afternoon and the rain back on again and a request to come to work early meant a heavy morning at the wood. Younger house with No3 at home and handy for a bit of lifting and splitting. Also for boat launching, there will not be many other medical students doing the chores like these while waiting for exam results. 10338840_10203248288121460_3912345751048752750_n Also a bit of colour from last years sojourn in Africa was being framed. Bought in Zanzibar on the way home from  six weeks of charity work in Malawi. The life of an Applecrossian has always been full of experience. IMG_9655

Comments on: "Sand Thoughts." (4)

  1. What alovely thoughtful Blog We get to Applecross..car packed to the gunnels poor dog will be squeezed in…Can wait to do the walk to Sands after my painting Liz

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Good day ashore, windy and bright, means no guilt trip for not going fishing. A good place to destress, lots of others though.

  2. Sheila Capewell said:

    My Gran’s husband Murdo Finlayson used to take to the doctor to patients on the back of a motorbike on the coastal footpath. Maybe he took your mum too!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It is some path for a “main” road. Puts a different light on the way we live today. They would certainly have known each other.

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