A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


Another fine day at sea,


although tired as it has been the Inn, fishing and the Inn for quite a few days now. Getting used to it though and just as well as this is it for the next four months or so. Slightly earlier start as fuelling up the Auk. They had a change of plan and decided to head south to the Mallaig as the weather has settled. A little earlier than usual but they are going west to their Harris grounds for the summer. A pretty hard graft but they seem to enjoy it. So out to the Middle Bank after hauling a fleet off Applecross Head. Again fishing poor but bearable and was back ashore by 3.30pm having hauled 350 creels. A lovely day with bits and bobs of sea life to break up the day. Octopus early in the day


and there he goes back over to try to snaffle another prawn somewhere else.


It was a day of birds of all shapes and sizes. followed by as many as six skuas


along with the usual gulls.


Big, nasty black backs were in evidence, always watchful, and came across my first fulmar of the year. Always think they look a little cute


although other birds seem to know if they get too close they will get a squirt of oil for their troubles. they are all good company and their antics keep you amused. Overhead a not so pretty bird going north.


Ashore and landing the langoustine and squats at a fairly busy Inn, sat out in bright sunshine before heading home to see Son No3,  who will be heading to Europe after a sojourn in Applecross while waiting for exam results. 70% to pass…to think that would have got me a first in History in the 80s. Seems this post is being eagerly awaited in Dundee as he has not arrived home officially until he appears in the blog. Always good to see any of the boys home. We are having a bit of a titter at one of the EU party broadcasts just now. Actually as I am listening to Britain First rabble rousing I have stopped tittering. There does appear to be a lot of angst out there, as there does here. It will pass but you get little spells of disruption. As you get older you tend to recognise them for what they are and they will soon fade. Community Council meeting tonight and yet another discussion about transporting wood out of Applecross over the North coast road. Feels pointless talking about it as all the decisions have already been made although there is strong opposition both in our community and from Shieldaig. Bealach cycle races have reared up again and a meeting has been arranged with Shieldaig to get them off the Bank Holiday dates. Whitsun Bank Holiday and two weddings in Applecross and the road is closed all morning, not the best of planning. Slowly the argument for closing the Bealach for events that are supposed to stretch our tourist season does not ring as true especially as dates in April and September have been moved to May and August. The Mor we have discovered is being held on the August Bank Holiday. Every one has to live together and to do that and carry out their own activities, the least effect on others who want to visit the better. Closing down Applecross for a morning on the two busiest days of the year does not go down well.

So not a happy meeting, not very productive. At least we heard that we are getting a new Filling Station and the local power survey, delayed due to illness, will be issued soon. Housing remains a problem. Back to the Inn for the Chair to sign some papers and to enjoy the sun setting on the way home


and getting to the Schoolhouse to see the moon rising in the south-east.


Comments on: "Birds." (7)

  1. Alistair said:

    And days like that make being at sea worthwhile. You really do have a enviable life style Ali one to which I aspire.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It is a good life and it keeps one sane when you come home to all the current intrigue and politics. Lots of positive in that as well, just seems like going through treacle at times.

  2. John Fox said:

    Love reading these Ali. See you soon, John.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers John, see you when you are up. Thanks for the wee comment. Learned a lot posting over the couple of years and despite the very occasional dispute it has been good fun.

  3. Snoddie janet was rwading your blog. She isd a GP here in Manchester she has just telephoned me at work to say had your son been tested for LYME disease

    I hope this helps?

    Liz x

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Been done along with a list as long as your arm, but thanks for suggestion.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      That has been tested along with lots of other stuff. For some reason my reply did not go through.

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