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Reflections and Pests

The last two days were my kind of weather.A few sights of the sun but not too hot, lots of changes in the light, very reflective but most of all glass calm. Noticed on the way down the road some ewes on the shore probably grabbing a little salted grass to add to her diet.


Traditionally this has is the hardest time of year when the new growth is not through yet and last years supplies are running out. Headed out to the Middle bank to haul a few fleets, passing a busy Grace Anne,


and although the catch was not very good, it turned out not as bad as expected. Good psychology in keeping expectations low at this time of year. This the time of shell casting and breeding when the langoustine are not so interested in feeding so the passive methods of fishing are not so successful. There are still many signs of change and I have posted before that the females are breeding over a longer period.


There are plenty hens carrying fresh dark green berries being around at the same time as the more mature light brown eggs. Females are coming up having just cast their eggs and also with green sack, the pre egg stage. As there are fairly major exercises going on on the Range we are being watched to make sure we do not get in the way.


It is mainly to keep in touch with passing pleasure craft traffic to let them know that things are happening to the North. To the south against a beautiful backdrop, while wishing the exponent of the fishery no harm, I feel depressed at seeing my first trawler working just off the gear.


The amount of ground that method needs compared to what we do with the creels is disproportionate to the number of boats that can fish like that…. a no brainer as they say.

Only remembered this evening that I was supposed to fuel up the Auk in the morning, completely forgot and that is Monday mornings first job. Another lovely still day


and the mix of light meant lots of snaps on the way out of Poll Domhain,




and Camusteel


both looking well in the stillness. Stunning to the south as well.


Today it was north to sand, first fleet hauled was for the Glasgow Uni research on the mesh sizes. A little surprised that there were some prawns in it. Have not heard my recording yet, transcribe it tomorrow. Crossing the Bay the Street had a heavy covering of cloud, dark for driving over the Hill and there will be some shaky tourists visiting the Inn.


There are two white lines on the upper part of the Hill and as I keep telling the drivers just stay in the middle. Colourful and well kept traffic going south down the Sound.


Working my way up to the Range I got a call from RTB asking when I was going to be finished in the area, was outside the Range but they need more for these drops. The Merlin was involved.


Unfortunately the next Trial clashed with my plans and I had to leave a 100 creels. Although I would have been within my rights to stay sometimes you just go with the flow, shrug your shoulders and head for home. Maybe ask the guys at the Inn tomorrow night when they are tucking into their steaks and squats for a whip round to compensate for my loss of earnings. it could come out of their generous subsistence. We will see. Does not happen very often and I intend to keep relations good with RTB as the benefits far out weigh the downside, regarding my life style.


After landing the langoustine and squats, back home to a quick visit to the Docs and a squat lobster fried rice. Reminded me of the YouTube video I watched this morning which in its own way was quite scary.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esV6pGo8UTI&feature=share On and on the uncertainty about how we can deal with independence is being pushed by the mainstream media sources but it was quite scary to hear what is happening south of the border to the NHS there. Here it is still an NHS and after visiting our wee surgery this evening I feel so grateful that we have what we have. We should fight to keep it as it is the best. Up the road after tea and looking across the Bay the sun came out catching the north end of the Street, still and peaceful.


And now just in after the last job of the day, killing well over a 100 slugs chopping their way through the young plants. It looks as it may be the year of the pest, ticks have never been so bad, leather jacket infestations and now slugs are going at it, result of the wet, windy and mild winter, I suppose. Bed now as there were two shifts at the Inn in between the sea trips.


Comments on: "Reflections and Pests" (4)

  1. Lovely to see a small picture of out new home on the Camusteel picture I zoomed in… ahh cant wait for next week.. XXX Liz and Jan

  2. We will be visiting next Saturday. Very much looking forward to see applecross again!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Hope the weather is good for you. Not quite settled but two good days followed by two not so good.

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