A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Applenet Live on Rona.

In from the garden with the footie on in the background. Watch the goals if there are any but interest in football slowly waning. Today was a recovery day and probably would not have gone out fishing any way as the mist came in pretty early and it was twelve before it burnt off. By that time the head was recovering, enough anyway to reconnect the laptop at the Filling Station for Proteus and Gilbarco to try to sort out the local card data and we can issue the long over due invoices. After this we will be clear from them and the Tolkiem order ready to go. Seems ridiculous to have to refurbish a new Filling Station but there it is. Had a chat with our new local sweep/window cleaner while I was there https://www.facebook.com/windiesweep and doing a tank dip. Nice to see a fill before going over the Hill as I am sure he would have saved a pound if filling up on the other side. Broadband connection is imminent for him as well. Sean is getting help this week so the rate of connections will increase a bit as well. Garden has gone well this afternoon as the energy returned and the last of the tattoos are in along with the first of the beetroot, swedes, carrots and peas. Garlic is well under way. The pear trees


and the cherries are blooming nicely and as long as we do not have a south-easterly like last year we should have a good crop of fruit with the apples still to blossom. It would be nice to get apple and bramble and pear into the ice cream at the end of the summer.

The recovery was from a long day yesterday, not hard graft, but an early start for a second trip to Rona to continue the establishment of the Applenet network. I always find it fulfilling working for the Company. I have got my broadband sorted out but want everyone who wants or needs it to get it and to be part of that process is a privilege. Also being in the company of like-minded people keeps the nay sayers at a distance. You cannot but feel positive being in their circle. Left around half seven after loading up and fuelling with the Lula, the RNB boys on board coming astern


across the Sound.


Made it across the Range before the trials started but in deep fog and the GPS and compass were useful in getting to the Blind Sound and eventually Rona Harbour. There was a bit of Jack Sparrow on the way looking back at Simon’s ketch in the mist.


Tied up and with all the kit safely unloaded on the pontoon, Bill,http://isleofronalog.wordpress.com turned up on the quad with Hugh having been at the sheep and lambs earlier.


Trailer and quad loaded and me on the back and chatting all the way sorting all the land and countries problems out we were soon at the bottom of the hill. Trailer unloaded, Bill headed up with a load on the quad as I walked up the slope. Managed three loads with Bill and the others taking the rest of the gear.


Sean headed back down with Bill to his place to fit the nanos on his house and chalet and Simon and Ian after a fair bit of discussion in the mist working out where Bill’s house was. Luckily it cleared and the site chosen was confirmed. Stunning office to work in


and it was brilliant sunshine from then on in.


With not too much for me to do I dozed in the sun and Dougal who had come along. He recovered from the boat trip having shook all the way across, not a sea dog.


In the afternoon I chipped in a wee bit, always conscious not to get in the way, doing little requested jobs to cut down on the time. Great to see it taking shape,


Three dishes and a spreader pointing at Diabeg,


Lonbain and Toscaig with two batteries and a panel


wind turbine to be attached today.


The boys had decided that there was too much to do all in one day and I headed off down the hill at the back of five as they started on the wiring. I took some of the tools that were no longer needed so they make it down on the one trip. Bill timed his look to see what was happening well so the tools went into the trailer and Sean and I headed home. Good breeze on the way back from the north and we got an extra half knot to hurry us along. Although half an hour late I stopped in at the Hall to join in with a meeting to discuss the potential of setting up a housing partnership. Energy efficient architect, Niel from Makar,http://makar.co.uk/?/site/practice/makar/ two Norwegian designer/architects, Kate and Tomas along with Chris Cook. Hoping to gain from their experience and may help provide suitable and affordable housing in an Applecross context. This is the name incidentally of the Norwegian Company, Context. Still working on what Chris is saying but reckon I will get there. Reminds me of higher maths when Johnny Nick was teaching us simultaneous equations. Was blank for quite a few periods and then the penny dropped and they were easy and routine to solve. I am hoping this will happen after another few sessions. I suspect it is simple although there is the funding and land to be found as well but it does appear with a lot of trust there can be one of these win/win results. The community getting housing, badly needed, and everyone involved gaining some value from it. It will only happen with out side “convenership”. Another short chat with the participants who were staying the night, hearing what they got up to back in Norway. So it was a plate of soup from the Inn, after landing some prawns, and a long deep sleep.


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