A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Not for Every One.

Three days into the week and no fishing yet, must be official, I am part-time. Have to watch that I do not get caught up in any new legislation regarding limiting part timers. I have a decent recorded landing history that should stand us in good stead. Plan to haul a few pots over the next couple of days to keep the Inn going over the weekend. Vehicle complications at the moment, last week lost the oil from the steering gear. Nothing obvious from the reservoir or top pipe but turns out the pump had blown out the O ring and could not be replaced, so new pump. Got the van back that day and no fun hauling the wheel round the hair pins on the Hill with no power steering. The Inn had prawns over the three days as I had a few hanging over the side




and took some ashore each day. Organised a trip to Inverness as the car was already at the garage passing it’s MOT so the idea was to leave the van there and take the car through, first to Loch Ness Inn with more prawns, stopping to watch now resident geese grazing at the Caman,


then to Inverness to pick up boat stuff and Wholefoods. All going swimmingly until I got back to the garage where the wrong pump was sent through and now with the gear stripped down there was only the car to get back home. Things did not improve as I was told Alison was coming back up the road, well train, and needed picking up at around eight.  There is no night club open in Lochcarron on a Tuesday night there was nothing for it but to drive home , take the pooches out and head back over the Hill. At least it was the car so better steering and timing was immaculate as the car pulled in as Alison came over the bridge. And it was good viewing there


and back.


So tonight’s. little epic is getting a lift over the Hill to pick up the van. Complicated reason but I will try to explain, involves the Community Company. Monday a trip to Rona is planned to roll out the next stage of the broadband, setting up a dish in Lonbain is the plan tomorrow and the schoolhouse has been inundated with boxes, dishes, cables, poles etc, some of which I have taken down to the pier in preparation for Rona. However some of the kit may be there that is being used for Lonbain. The key to the padlock is, yes you’ve guessed it in the van in Lochcarron. So tonight’s trip is really for a key and the van is incidental. I am very happy to volunteer for the Company and Community and do not really do it for anyone else but the community as a whole, so hearing a wee story tonight about a guy casting aspersions on the Company, even suggesting dodgy practices made me smile after the initial short-lived peed off feeling passed. There are always going to be some people who do not get it and I suppose they have my sympathy.

In amongst all the running around, all the bought seed tatties have been planted with the lovely mature silage compost. The sunset over the last day or two have been pretty decent,


every one different and although tonight’s was okay it was still special in its own way and drew most customers out for a few shots so I took photos of people taking photos.


The bike up the road was not too bad either.


Although seven people waiting for tables at one stage it was an easy flowing evening of the usual great food and good banter.

As it is now Thursday morning  I got a lift over the Hill from Kenny to pick up the van and the key. May not have needed to but good to get the van back. Toilets are going well with donations box being emptied every night, after our break in. It is a shame that happens but it does, box now padlocked by Sean and only way to keep thefts to a minimum is make people aware that it is emptied every day so not worth it for a few quid. Lots of nice comments from the users, that and local power, possible housing and refurbishing our refurbished Filling Station, not to mention the broadband, there is plenty to do.

Over the weekend there were two new members of staff set up to start work on the Monday. They may have come at the wrong time, when we were running out of plates, but they seemed set up for the start of the week. That was when at 10.15am they did not appear for first shift. Emerged later in the day that they hitched out-of-town earlier in the morning getting a lift over the Hill from Ewen. Applecross it seems is not for every one.

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