A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Weir’s Way Remake.

Thursday afternoon; A few words to start the post before going out to another shift at the Inn. Lovely sunny day now although very windy still from the north-west. Made it over to Broadford today and it was one of those days when I almost visited four houses but never quite managed it. Instead called into Kyleakin pier, next to Castle Moil,


to pick up an end and buoy.


Mind you if I had done the visiting then I would still be on Skye now. My Mum, although fit and healthy, did not know I was there but that is life. Instead I had a chat with a very sharp lady who know exactly who I was and was in school with my aunt Sybil, being born in Camusteel. Dolly Macbeth was her maiden name and the house she was born in no longer stands. I did not stay too long as it was just coming up to lunchtime and the three ladies at the table were sound asleep, I can be stimulating at times. Which reminds me, a correction from last post, it was Duncan Macleod’s own aunt who looked after him not Murdo’s, I think I got mixed up after speaking to Dan who is related but jumped to the wrong aunt. I try to leave posts alone once they are published and put wrong info right later, only correcting grammar. Although windy, bright on the way back and the Keoch Nose looking clear in the sun


and made it back to see the Azalea coming home.


Thursday evening; Now after another full on session, a wee breather before going behind the bar to head for closing. Good forecast for the weekend so it will be stretching the body and mind. But when you meet really good people as you do the rounds of the tables it certainly is worth it. Only the third season through the week and there are so many people who know my name and I just have no clue who they are or where they are from, but no one seems to take offence when one asks their names, got the 10,000 people excuse trotted out in my defence. Chef had a first tonight when he was asked to cook a blue duck breast. Previous night he was asked for a rare as opposed to pink lamb and it never came up to expectations and I was told about the over cooked veni burger and pigeon, so blue it was tonight and it appeared that we broke him as there was a good tip from the table. First time that a duck left the kitchen still quacking. Noticed the sunset as it disappeared over the Raasay hills. Interesting chat with Alex Macdonald who is partner in leasing the 70,000 Achnacarry estate of Locheil and is running it as a sporting venture and seems successfully too.http://www.achnacarrycountry.co.uk/index.html Made me decide that I would turn right the next time I am down that way again as you pass the Commando Memorial. Turning many acres of barren hill land into employing people to work in the business and appears to be doing well. Interesting way of working the land and providing employment instead of using the Highlands as a playground. Trees with even more employment and we are starting to head in the right direction. Apart from that a really pleasant couple to chat to. Serious compliment from a customer who had been here for the week but Frostie can tell you that one.

Monday saw us out fishing in lovely weather,


a bit of a swell in the morning but was glass calm by middle of the day. Nice catch but again as we have not been out since so not so good. Lovely evening and a wander down the road with Dougal and Co was well worth it.


Still and colourful and peaceful.


Tuesday was an increasing forecast and if I was keen I would have done a 3/4 day before the breeze came in and Wednesday was not a good one although we had a busy evening at the Inn. Not too bad for tables, just turning them round for the next booking. Tonight’s excitement was the return of STV in the form of David Hayman doing a remake of Weir’s Way. Good chat with them with a little politics thrown in. It is going to be an interesting but careful summer, not having any tribal inclinations and having watched the BBC 2 debate the night before there was plenty to talk about. I have shied away from many of the debates but gave this one a go as Lesley Riddoch was on. The only problem that I had, was that she should have had a lot more air time being the only one to cut across the party politics and suggest ways ahead. I really dislike when people who should know better ridicule their “opponents” and at one stage there was an apology for patronising. Surely disagreement is allowed. Trying to stay away from the blame game is hard but not agreeing with this silly new,” we cannot do without the UK renewable subsidy” is easy when you compare the nuclear clean up subsidy. In all walks of life there seems to be a distrust to allow local people to take decisions on local issues. There are bound to be mistakes but constantly blaming the outside for everything is not going to get anyone anywhere. Maybe Bergen is better than both Edinburgh or London at the moment.

Another full on shift last night but another smooth operation, so smooth that as I went past four tables they all gave orders for food and the kitchen must have wondered what was going on. A quick visit to them just to let them know there was a major table turn over and apologising for not getting away to tell them. Great food and good craic makes for a good night and all cashed up and left at half eleven with the Boss having a wine with a couple of guests and the ice cream man. Just managed to catch the end of the sunset over Skye, moving north by the day.


Good because the weather today was not as quiet as hoped and a good 3/4 southerly meant the boat in gear all day and hard work going through the 400 creels. But fishing still holding up and although tired, a satisfying day, finished off with cooking a sweet chilli squats for tea and an anticipated hazelnut and strawberries and cream ice cream for later. Despite the breeze it was still bright and that helps the day. There was a front trying to come in all afternoon.


Not that many boats around but if there are any they are usually red.


Stayed bright for the Azalea’s return home.


And the last one from Monday.




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  1. Sheila Capewell said:

    Fantastic sunset pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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