A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Sorting It

Busy little morning and it started off with heading up to the toilets and finding Anna and Sean already there. Seems the stop cock has to be almost closed as the pressure is too great for the taps and just splashes out onto the floor and the valve closes down reducing the flow. Need a regulator to sort it out in the long-term and a bit more investigating in how to control the emersion heater.IMG_8970 That sorted, read a comment on the suggestions notes,


and taking the dogs for a walk in the rain, passing the Filling Station with some one needing diesel and it being offline, a quick trot back to the van for the key, a reboot, and an appreciative customer.


A good conversation going while we waited for the reboot and an acknowledgement of the trouble we would be in if we did not have it. Just maybe worth the hassle of Gilbarco to have chats like these. This couple has come to Applecross for the week and despite the weather are loving it and nice to play a small part in it. Pouring rain and back to the toilets to empty the donation box of just short of £45, the third time it has been emptied since it has been opened, more regular emptying when the season kicks off, and to read the comment….well community works does it not. That along with a couple of conversations about community matters with community minded people turns the day around and it is twelve noon before you know it. Overhearing one or two second-hand snippy/conversations about the Community Company, it’s the way it is, the small group active in the Company can only do so much and we are in it for the long haul. Having the dogs with me ensures exercise and even in the pouring rain we head off, burns are full, this one along the shore at Camusterrach is rarely running,


and the dogs are wet.


Afternoon shoots by with not very much happening but early up to the Inn as there were big groups  in at five. Strange evening regards the timing as it had all happened by 8.30  but at half six the place was heaving and struggling for seats but as usual it goes like a dream. Getting complaisant may be the only problem this season. Met up with two couples, one from a hotel half way up Loch Shin. Connections again and they are going to say hello to Hugh who  used to live here and was in my class in school. Good craic as well as the other two who were teachers frae Fife. Home early with three scoops of berry, black currant and rhubarb crumble ice cream.

We are now at closing/drinking up time, so good I no longer want to “have another for the road”. Day was fresh from the west and breezy so glad decided that no fishing took place. Instead it was back up to the Sillage pit for more very mature cow compost and a half-dozen boxes were loaded on to the van before heading back into Carnach wood


or Lili’s magic forest.


Beautiful in there today with the sun coming and going and everything greening up. Better weather today although still not settling down.


Extra ordinary numbers of ticks about just now, Dougal in particular, took around 50 of him today, many of them just crawling through his fur ready to attach themselves. He loves the better weather, unfortunately the shrews and field mice have to watch out and he seems to be getting pretty good at snuffling them out.




Another fine and busy shift this evening, practice for the Easter weekend which was broken up by a magnificent sunset.




The lifeboat in the photo above will soon be on the move as Alfie and the boys head off on their week-long trek raising money for the RNLI and other local charities. Extra ordinary amount of money they have raised over the last decade or so. http://blog.islayinfo.com/article.php/boatpull-fundraising-event-islayBig groups booked and Inn fully booked as well as guys just walking in meant a full on session topped off with a nice wee session from Hannah and Emma on the box and fiddle. good political banter tonight with locals at the bar and a Catalan family from Barcelona, the majority being Yes voters. A couple of good chats about the local politics as well, good to hear other views and also good to feel that you are not isolated. A lot of guys hold the same views but are nervous about expressing them in public, such a shame. Despite these local difficulties they are always positive conversations.  Talking about good news we have received the money from Gilbarco and will be building another new Filling Station, must be the only community in the Highlands that will be building two Petrol Stations  in five years.

A couple of days of funerals, many people out to say goodbye to Dougie over in Lochcarron and tomorrow Duncan Macleod will be laid to rest at Clachan. He was the sole remaining survivor of the tuberculosis outbreak at Collie Ghillie. They were looked after by an aunt after their parents and siblings succumbed to the disease. Duncan was the brother of Ian who skippered the Mary Anne, the ring netter my Dad was engineer on. The passing of an era. Had trouble posting this with uploading photos a bit of a hassle the last couple of days.

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