A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Work continues at the Inn while waiting for the weather to restart the fishing. Posted the elderly but still lovely Azalea while down at the pier putting a new fleet together while keeping one eye on the weather.


Turned out it quietened off a bit too late for me going out to catch for the Inn’s evening meals, not going out for money but trying to fulfill promises made last night while working at the Inn. They will just have to come back another time to sample the langoustine. Plenty of people about on the Sunday lunch shift and was on till six. Think this is going to be a regular shift now. Started this yesterday and was going to tell everyone about me listening to Robert Preston and Eddie Mair but having reread it it was boring. Short sum up, what caught my attention was Preston’s comment about the doom and gloom of Arsenal after Chelsea gubbed them at the weekend, “It’s not all about the money.” Smell the coffee, it usually never is.

And now all of a sudden it is Thursday evening, well coming up to calling time. Although every table sat on tonight it was nothing like last night’s crazy shift.  Sharing tables and hot chefs, hot that is as far as temperature goes, with guys waiting for tables at 8.45pm. A little pre season taster. Anyway the last couple of days have been lovely and bright although it was a touch fresh this morning from the south east and very awkward to work.


A few prawns around so worth going out for the half day and the views are as fresh as ever. Kintail being a wee change from the Cuillin.




Bit of a head in the afternoon which was endangering the plans for the next couple of days up in the air but luckily by late evening and too many pills it had settled down again. So the plans, ambitious, are back on. As usual things never happen in ones up here. The scheme at the moment is to head to Perth with Dougal to the Inshore Fisheries Conference and spend the day campaigning for a, say it quietly, three mile limit to be reintroduced. Best politicians are the ones that recognise mistakes and correct them. Personally the worst mistake, in my humble opinion of course, was the opening up of the inshore waters to the mobile fleet. Result is the usual bonanza followed by depletion and the current fleet just hanging on. Evidenced by the setting up of a hardship fund for both fleets. Got a couple of lovely photos of the Johan, one when she was working


and another when she was up in the yard for a paint.


A nice picture of my Dad at the wheelhouse.


All sort of relevant when you see all these photos of harbours full of the ring netters but now it is a closure and hardly a west coast boat catching. I wonder if enough fishermen will draw back and look at the long term future instead of cashing in all their chips as each generation passes. Catching bottom feeders now so the penny should be dropping that there is nowhere left to go.

Now the bar is closed and wil finish this during drinking up time. Been saying quite a few goodbyes recently, starting with Andy and Jill as they started their long trip south and by all accounts they enjoyed their stay and hopefully it will not be another fourteen years before we meet again. There may be plans in the offing of a Cambridge Festival trip next year, possibly with a bit of Irish/English thrown in. Here’s me thinking about next August when I have stil to organise the next two days. After Perth, Dougal is heading for the Changin’ Scotland weekend at the Ceilidh Place in Ullapool. Really interested in what some of the speakers have to say. Staying in the suburbs of the small town. More goodbyes to some of the visitors tonight as the regulars will be in again tomorrow and I will miss them. My new policy of asking people’s names is now working, I now know Dave and Cath, before they were Ryan’s mum and dad.

The weather with the east wind is giving us spectacular skies



and the sunset was unreal


and almost every table went out to watch the sun slowly sinking down behind Rasaay.


It is now north of Dun Caan, year is cracking on.


So now it is a bar clearance, not the easiest job and I remember well when one is always at one’s most sociable at the wrong time of night for the bar people.

Big Community Company news of the week is that Gilbarco have decided that their best policy is to walk away from our Filling Station, but not before paying us the cost of the the duff equipment they sold us. I suspect we were a bit of a nuisance and they are cutting their losses having decided that supplying rural filling stations with stand alone  kit is no longer their cup of tea. It has been a long hard road to correct this mistake but they are promising it will be all over when they place the money in our account next week. Next to try are going to be Tokheim and they have a good track record. Persistence does pay and it is a credit to those who kept at it and not giving up, emails, legal letters, phone calls Trading Standards support and finally tweets paying off in the end. Something to add to the list of doing less badly at.

Comments on: "Fishing,ACC good news and Dougal Plans." (5)

  1. basketbob said:

    A good blog, as ever, Alasdair. It’s encouraging to hear so much about making a small community work, and all that goes into it – well done!
    Your sunset pics are lovely – good to see the archive pics too.

  2. I’ll look out for Dougal.

  3. The sunset was fabulous and the shot with the red sun half-masked by the bands of cloud was terrific.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you, kept going out again and again to watch it. Luckily the customers did the same so was not skiving.

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