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Rona Trip.

Full on couple of days starting yesterday with a day fishing on the beautiful Sound of Raasay. It was a day when I thought many times that people pay me to do this job. The sun hat and shades were on all day. As per usual it began a little chaotically with me putting another clean fleet together, okay but doing it on the way out does not leave much time to get set up for the day’s fishing.


Always being watched on the way out and in these days with the next generation of seals well under way.


There must be a healthy population of fish for them as they all seem to look in good nick except red eye here. Out last night no doubt.


Mr Eider is still looking though. It is quite rare to see one on his own.


It was a fairly uneventful day with a boat of media tarts not far off at one stage


and one or two boats of passing traffic.



Always like the variety out here and the comparison to the fat seals on the way out to the delicate spider crab could not be more in evidence.


Late in so a fish and chips take away from the Inn, onto the bike, and up the road to an ALPS meeting. I am sure we will get there sometime but it is not happening just now. One Group member expressed his disappointment in decisions being taken that affect some parts of the community adversely and with no offers to ameliorate the situation. Still it was an open meeting with many views expressed, not all of them complimentary to aspects of ALPS. I have never thought it a meaningful partnership but a small step in the right direction. These meetings are tiring and sometimes you say something that is jumped on but these days I just cannot be bothered to be offended. LAS keeps being brought up and discussed as though it has relevance to ALPS, always keep quiet as people say what they have to say and then we go back to talking about something relevant. Drained but not in any way surprised a nice bike ride home via the Inn cleared the head.

Today was Rona day. Sean was on board for a look at the site on Rona above Bill’s place over the Harbour. Often have a wee look at Bill’s blog http://isleofronalog.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/24-hours-without-rain/ I thought today would have been good as it was fresh for fishing but not too bad for travelling.The Flensburg guys were offered a day trip and it was fully booked. It was well fresh and speaking to Angus crossing the Range, he was checking I was not fishing, he said it was blowing 24 knots. After passing the Auk in the Blind Sound we turned the corner and made for the pontoon.


Only minor casualty on the way across was Michelle not quite getting her sea legs, but had recovered by the time we made ashore. There was a lot of jollity coming into the Harbour, possibly a bit of relief. Straight onto the back of Bill’s ATV and up the track at speed. Stopped off at the Church Cave turnoff and settled down behind a rock and put the world to rights, well Scotland, at least Rona and Applecross were sorted. The others turned up a little later due to photography stops and Bill headed off only to turn up with our straggler Christine.


We headed down to the Church Cave,


my first visit,


where during the Clearances people gathered together and used the cave as a church.


Different world but some of the consequences we still live with. Not to wallow in the past but never to forget it. And the sad thing is that it happens the world over whether it be Scotland or Bolivia, people living on the land have no control of it. Back down to the Varuna


where we had a final sorting out of the things we missed out and then back home. As we were preparing to leave bill spotted a white tailed sea eagle above us.



A lot quieter despite losing an ariel of the shaky mast, but bright and cheerful on the way home. Mission a success with Sean seeing the targets in Diabeg so the broadband network stretching round the north coast is a little closer. Put the party ashore and then got the prawns ready for landing to the Shed. On the way up the road picked up a hiker, Caroline on the way back to the Inn to try to find some jump leads for the bus, flat battery. Got help from the Inn, guess who?


Busy sorting shift at the Shed but still managed a good chat and saw some great photos of the Clan Macrae and some ones from the ground net fishing at the back-end of the seventies. Stunning light both on the way round


and also not too bad on the return journey.


You just have to stop despite the time and the knowledge there is another meeting.




Five minutes late for the Community Council one but at least I was not smelly. Long meeting with Bealach Beag showing its head again, a proposed Biosphere and Service Point closures but enough for now and off to bed, knackered.

Comments on: "Rona Trip." (2)

  1. Alistair said:

    All we needed was Paul from Life at the end of the road and we would have the trinity of bloggers that I follow. Great piece to read from both yours and Bills perspectives.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Good to meet Bill again, he has a lot to say and very hospitable. Helps not to have a yacht.Funny to see him thinking blog….as soon as he saw Michelle’s hand bag, the camera was out.

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