A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Strange start to the day, lying listening to impending predictions of doom to the East of Europe on Radio4, but also the wind rattling the window, not the forecast at all. Thought it was the southeasterly that sounds far worse than it blows. Up and a quick look out the window across the Sound and it was blowing hard from the west south-west but the light on Skye was what got me out in double-quick time, already as I am writing this it has faded. Lots of cloud cover but shining across from the east, south-east, from the old home land of Kyle it was not to shabby a view.


Weird little aberration on the weather and looking at the forecast again in an hour it will be fishing weather again, we will see.

Now it being Wednesday morning and we are back to the wind and rain of a good old March day in the north-west Highlands. Yesterday’s strange weather continued, when I say strange, it was totally different from the forecast although to be fair they did match for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The wind dropped, the sun stayed out and the temperature soared so it was out on the bike and away up to the Glen with the dogs. Getting around Eilidh’s take on life by having a lead in the pocket at all times and if I see any small people and /or dogs she is immediately tied up. Dougal charges up to dogs for a play and Jenny does what she is told. As Dorsi, from Flensburg, was heading off today I planned to drop in some langoustine for her, a taste of Applecross, before she went. So the gentle cycle started going through Camusteel where I thought I had discovered a new seabird in by the shore. Fortunately they were left alone by Dougal who thought he had found yet another mole. On closer inspection I realised they were the domestic ducks of Ali Mackenzie’s having a midday paddle in the bay.


Wonderful day and only feeling mildly guilty in not rushing out to do a half day on the water I continued up to the Big House. The field across from the Larder where there often are the estate horses was holding a fair bit of water


and the reflections were looking peaceful.


Called in to Brambles to be greeted with a raucous “Hi” as they were having lunch. Hopefully they will all have a taste of Applecross by Thursday. Quiet saunter back down the road and past the deer fence that runs down the shore, the one that was taken out by the northerly in November. Looks like a more robust replacement being put in with the help of Duncan, Toscaig.


Back through Camusteel for the dog biscuits I had forgotten in the morning trip, just realised that the tide would have gone awful quickly in two hours to get photos of the ducks followed by the low tide scene. Ducks were on the morning trip.


Dougal,being mostly spaniel is straight in.



So after a visit from Dorsi and Co in the afternoon, only further duty was to attempt to sort out the signal to my GPS while getting Dorsi’s prawns, failed, and it is resorting to phoning the sparky who will know how to do it. So to end on a wee bit of good news Judith’s dad was taken off to Raigmore a couple of days ago with a suspected stroke, unfortunately this has been true but the good news is that the 24 hour danger period has passed, he has had his scan, although a little confused and mixed up speech it is a lot better looking for him this morning. He is not a young chappie but hopefully he has a lot more to see and enjoy in Applecross for some time yet. So now this is done I have no other excuses for doing the boring things I am supposed to be doing, although now there is a lunch invite to the Walled Garden and almost forgot to mention the Climate Change Quiz on Friday evening, which will include all the lovely Flensburg students. They have to join different teams to make it fairer for the locals!!  https://www.facebook.com/events/421894991290304/Been asked to contribute to questions, another excuse for staying away from VAT. While I am at it and this was something I have meant to do for a couple of posts is to put a link onto the following for people to read up about what was said at the Conference last week. Some really interesting views, ideas and talks.http://s3.spanglefish.com/s/27214/documents/applecrossenergymatters.pdf  And finally, really, there is some great news for one of the speakers and her community of Camuscross and Duisdale http://www.camuscross.org/ as they have just been awarded funding for their planned community hub. A good feeling to see other communities working together.


Comments on: "Strange Weather and a Cycle." (3)

  1. Alistair said:

    Certainly looks like spring is around the corner. I am already picking wild garlic here, which is a sure sign that spring has sprung.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Tempted to say it was here for three hours yesterday. Wet and windy but not cold and snow forecast. It has been a long winter. Few daffs and crocuses out but little else.

  2. You may, or again may not, want to read this article and the comments generated, but perhaps with a pint of beer/large short to hand as it goes on a bit…


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