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Got it Right this Time.

Beautiful start to the day,


view off to the west stunning,


on the bike and a brisk cycle to work with Gerry Rafferty on the Ipod. I often find music relevant to what happens around you and listening to one track on Night Owl, Get It Right Next Time, made me think of the meeting about the Broadband on Friday and not too happy on reflection. It is difficult to convey how decisions affect a whole community while the people making these decisions are only involved in one field and do not live in the community affected. Fine line between fighting one’s corner in putting your case across and seeming to be a bit too aggressive. But there are many guys living here that are passionate about this community and are working hard for it, so the obstructions coming from out with are very frustrating and in many cases needless. Threw in my penny’s worth and sent off an email to Richard Lochhead. Often say that I am going to do these things and do not quite get round to it but seeing all the effort so many people are putting into planning and discussing the future of the broadband networks it was the least I could do. Sean is now getting to grips with the little connection problems with our own network and setting up systems for paying for the service. Get to the Inn with “Take The Money And Run” playing, now this makes me smile as any one wanting to do this would not be living in Applecross. On my own in the bar today but back up around the corner if needed. Busy enough for me not to look at the clock much before lunch break and not too busy to stop for a chat or two. couple over from Forres and a nice couple down from Gairloch among others. The Lochcarron guys over as it was the first of the month and they were enjoyed by a pretty full bar. Have not quite got used to the six shift and almost went home at four. I really like the pipes and whistles and not long before six is there and home by seven after seeing the musicians off and picking up the new grand marnier ice cream for a late night snack. Switched on the telly and there on Ch5 is The Fifth Element. Not quite on the bucket list but I better watch it some time as it is the most talked about film at the Inn when selling ice cream, apart from Judith’s Spartacus. Tireder than I thought as I fell asleep on the couch watching some boring football and woke up about 6am. Realising that I have a good reason to be a bit groggy even when I am not fishing much. Between Inn, a meeting or two working on gear etc and paper work there is always a list to do.

This morning a high tide


so glad there was little wind with it. Even without the wind I needed to be in gear for most of the day to keep up to the gear while hauling. Did not have a GPS as although the power was okay it was not picking up a signal so have to remember the ladder and it will be up the mast to check the connection on the receiver in the morning. The Skye mountains are looking good in this light with their skirts of snow glinting in the morning sun,


almost said dawn but that is too early for me still.


The first stirrings of Spring are starting to appear though and the first load for the Coillie Ghillie insulation works passed by.


 Uneventful day with a little passing traffic later in the afternoon,


sorted out the last recovered fleet with ease, fed a couple of cormorants, caught a few langoustine and headed for home. Must have been content as I was thinking even the seagull was looking good. Actually the feather pattern is quite beautiful,


just forget the fact it is a young black back. Seeing the Boy Ryan hauling a fleet at the end of a rainbow, must have been full of prawns.


Always good to see the last creel go back over the stern.


Did not make enough money to run but did not make any mistakes so maybe got it right this time.

Comments on: "Got it Right this Time." (2)

  1. Your very detailed image of the immature black back gull’s plumage reminds me of “Vlad The Putin” in many of his media projections, superficially all together and neat. Unlike the gull, Putin has a choice though about how he behaves, birds are hard-wired to act. (Perhaps I need to get out a bit more…?)

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      All seems so remote at times living up here but we are all connected. I just cannot get my head around going off to kill some one’s son or brother or father on some one else’s say so. Some one I don’t know or care to know whether his name is David, Tony or Vlad. We are lucky we are just calling each other names up here over a yes/no.

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