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“You smell of Fish”

Little short of staff at the moment so a close up shift last night and a twelve-hour one on Sunday but all good although kept on toes for a time last night and again through lunch, in fact lunch today was well nippy with the dinning room being used. Kenny said it was the busiest of the year. On Saturday evening we were getting the Europeans on the move already, Polish, Dutch, and a Breton were in on the night. Surprised to hear that the guys in Brittany cannot get seafood as fresh as they had at the Inn. Made a joke about us sending our shellfish to them but seems the ordinary punter cannot afford them. They go to the super market if they want shellfish and if anything like ours then not so fresh.

The cycle up the road was special on Sunday morning with a couple of stops to take a snap or two of the Cuillin with the sun catching the slopes.




Star visitor of the day were a couple from Finechtie and Aberdeen who just came over for lunch on a recommendation. A seafood linguine and a scallops later they were asking about accommodation. Some lovely people in during the day, the Irish couple who now live in London, The Scousers were back in and regulars such as Steve, Rachel and family have turned up again. There are many regulars and some not so regular that know you but sometimes we have no clue who they are. We have a system if some one is speaking to you and you haven’t a clue who they are you bluff it until you get to Judith and she will find out who they are or vice versa. I have to say she is far better at buffing people into them thinking she knows them than I am. I still have a bit of a blank look talking to some one I don’t know. Yesterday I was sent to a table to find out where this four were from and that was after her talking to them for about ten minutes, the art of the hostess. Also honing up my political arguments on why I am voting Yes in such a way that while still holding my views it is essential not to upset any one or not become too passionate in the discussion, also being very aware when you are speaking to people from a different country, when they do not think they are. There are conversations you very quickly drop due to the statements that come at you as they are just media comments picked up and repeated.

The last wee tale that Ally told me on Saturday evening was connected to the Blackach. At the end of Shore Street, now No19 and where John lives it used to be split with two brothers living there. Not sure if they had too much to do with each other as one had been a Sergeant Major in the First World War so I assume would have been quite particular, unlike his brother. In fact he seemed very similar to the Blackach to the extent that they would cut each others hair as no one else wanted to deal with the lice. Any way, Tommy the scruffy one was extraordinarily scruffy, not even throwing the fire ash out but piling it up by the fire along with the corn beef tins and such like. Possibly gives a good idea in what state he lived in. While in his sixties it was noticed that he had not been around for a couple of days so Chisholm, the current Duncan Chisholm’s father went in the window and sure enough found Tommy lying upstairs having died in his bed. After sorting a few things out he headed home to the Missus who when she heard about his passing and being very religious wondered where would he open his eyes. Chisholm immediately responded,”Well it could not be more h***ish than where he closed them”.

Today a slow start geared to a cold miserable and breezy east wind and meant I was not down to the pier before 1pm. made up it by rattling through pressure washing over a hundred creels and starting to ditch a few of the older ones with broken bars, being replaced by the 150 I bought last year.


Raw cold afternoon finished off by going out to the boat for some prawns and salting the little herring that I picked up last week. At the Inn the excellent news that the Bus is now back on the road complete with its S19 and immediately pressed into action. As it was a little low on fuel with the Hill a bit dodgy I stopped at the Filling Station to put a few litres in. Had to take a photo as these are two symbols of a community looking after itself.


I am sure the Bus will be well used and will quickly establish a good history of use for its future once access to it is made a bit easier. Before heading home, a stop off at Sephen’s for an interview to go with some film footage that Nick has taken. Ramblings about Applecross, community change, the usual.

So just back from Strathcarron having checked in at Clachan and then took them over to Brambles where they were all cooking, down to the Inn to pick up a couple of scoops of ice cream and home. It was a fairly quiet trip home as the Bealach was trying to misbehave in the dark and looked impressive as a first viewing with a couple of metre drifts to the west side of the road. There was a bit of filming as we went over the top. Had a smile to myself as when I was introduced to them on the bridge at Strathcarron by Alison as her husband and a fishermen, Paul did respond with “Yes you smell of fish”.

Comments on: "“You smell of Fish”" (4)

  1. Hazel and Dave said:

    “starting to ditch a few of the older ones with broken bars”

    Do creels have any use after their time for the purpose intended? Is there such a thing as a second hand market for folk wanting “proper” maritime ornaments in domestic gardens, pubs/restaurants, schools etc. I know they might need deodorizing for indoor use, but in principle? {A quick bing search online produced no relevant hits. one for Alison maybe?}

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      No after life really. I tend to take the nylon off and the scrappy takes the steel.

  2. If I ever wander up your way and visit the Inn (I do hope so in this lifetime), then I must remember to introduce my self as ‘you won’t remember me but……………..’

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