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One Stick and three Dogs.

One of these days when you feel Spring is just around the corner, not from the weather or such like but not quite enough hours in the day to do what one had planned. mind you I had not envisaged a trip to Shieldaig  but a massage and picking up bait on the way back round the North coast is what took up the afternoon. The morning was taken up with the dogs run out on the beach,


endless amusement, worth their weight in gold.


Unfortunately our twenty year old cat, Haggis, is no more as Alison and Jill took her to the vet yesterday and the prognosis for such an elderly cat was that she should be put to sleep.

Last night it was to an ALPS meeting mainly to discuss the Pier and Gateway wood project. I found it a really good open meeting where people who did not agree talked and put forward their views and at the end of the evening there was a consensus amongst those who were there that we were not going to go ahead with the pier, still my preference as I think taking wood out by road does not make any sense regarding the carbon footprint when there is an alternative, but happy to go along with the majority. Next we expressed concern over other contractors and finally decided that it would be better to drop Gateway from the ALPS partnership. It has to be said that not all partners were represented and the final decisions may be made elsewhere. There seems to be a growing feeling that there is a capacity within the community to sort out the mistakes of the past, maybe leasing the plantations are a way ahead as communities now attract grant aid and it may be possible to set up a social enterprise model to solve the problem. It was one of the better meetings and a lot was discussed and decided.

This morning Dougal and Co had a great time on the bay sands, after a charge about getting the stick from the water there was a bit of a dispute over whose stick it was.


It did go an a bit but it was expended energy which is all good as far as Dougal is concerned.


Home and then straight back out to take some photos of the Filling Station as we are now being forced into looking at alternatives as Gilbarco seem to have washed their hands of us. It has been a serious character forming exercise dealing with them and I have to say that I have only lost it twice over the years, once by email, capital letters, and once by answer machine although no sweary words. Clachan, looking picturesque.


So it was over the Hill and it was worth going up just to have a look in itself.


The journey was a pleasure in bright sunshine and a thin layer of snow although it was threatening to blow in.


Met Peter on the way up so relaxed about getting over.


IMG_7832Hard to believe what you are seeing on the news is happening not that far down the road.


Badly needed massage and I think it was due to being back at sea and carrying a couple of strains, it was certainly painful but I suppose it is not every day you pay some one to walk all over you, quite literally in this case. A stop off at Aird to pick up a few slabs of herring and salt to get me going again. Good to have decent bait, not the rain damaged smelly bait I have been using over the last couple of weeks. It still fished surprisingly well but this should be better. Now we just need some weather. Going round the coast through heavy snow showers I was glad I was not on the Hill.


Tonight’s meeting was the Community Council and very relaxed it was with our new minute taker being told that no one was under caution so there was no need to note everything that was said. Saves a lot of legal costs if you run meetings with this in mind. Always have a bit of humour during these meetings while still carrying out the business in a proper manner. Not taking oneself too seriously helps. Still they do last until around nine even when you try to push things along if things get too jocular.

Meanwhile back at the Bay. Posting in the morning as uploading proving to be awkward.


Comments on: "One Stick and three Dogs." (7)

  1. Sorry to hear about old Haggis 20 is a good age for a cat. We lost our dog a month ago, but we have a new bundle of trouble now.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      She was struggling for a wee while. But they are all worth it.

      • I couldn’t agree more, our dog went down hill over Christmas. It is knowing when is the right time to make that decision, but when it is you know.

  2. Hazel and Dave said:

    The dog’s stick looks horribly like the vertebral column of a pig to me, have you checked?

    More seriously, is the Filling Station under threat?

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It was a stick of the shore but ravaged by the monsters. No it is not under threat as we are keeping it going but using up a lot of volunteer time doing it. We have been sold a bum deal and cannot do much about it. Never accepted it as fit for purpose so do not have to pay service charges but have been advised that there is little chance of legal redress. Now looking at replacing it with a new system from another more reputable company. The guys that have come to us for advice have gone elsewhere and had little problems. Have to sort out our di minimus though with Scottish Govt re broadband as that will prevent us seeking capital grant aid to refurb. Just one of these things that you have to deal with. On principle I have added Gilbarco to my list of companies that do not get a penny from me.

      • Hazel and Dave said:

        Thanks for that update and the today’s “new word of the day”, diminimus.

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        A very cross Alison has just come off a 3/4 hour phone call about di minimus and broadband. While I am in favour of a Yes simply because we have to take responsibility and not carping about blaming some one else I am under no illusion that we have to sort out so much up here. politicians are politicians where ever they are. They just seem to complicate things. Stopping as I have to go out but mini rants are good.

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