A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


A good, informative and hard-working couple of days. Quickly forgetting about any rugby matches, it was to the Inn yesterday for what turned out to be a sharp shift in terms of plenty to do. Although not what you would call busy there were plenty of people about and there are one or two of the holiday houses full. Big table filled up around oneish with a group of ten guys and girls. They were good company and very interested in what goes on here and about the food they were eating. They had scallops and langoustine and loved the food. Lets say they came from a different social background from me and without meaning to were quite hard work. Some people need more attention than others and they asked for drinks and food very sporadically, just when they felt like it, again fair enough and they were well looked after. As they left they were very generous in their praise of the Boss’s establishment and they were good company. I always like my prejudices challenged as after all we are all “Jock Tampson’s”. Have a had a really good couple of conversations over the period as well. Asked yesterday who the blogger was in Applecross and after owning up had an informative conversation about land reform and the possibilities. The conversations are never tied to party politics, which is good because I struggle to be a single party supporter, but aspirations and who can help achieve them. Today that was followed up with a discussion about the dearth of an alternative to what is pawned off from the deep south. Socialism does exist and it does work, certainly at a local level. Such a shame it has become such a dirty word and you get tired cliches thrown at you saying it does not work. What the Community Company stands for is social enterprise. The enterprise is not a dirty word either especially when it can raise money to be immediately ploughed back into the social fabric of the community. During today’s conversation the public toilets came up and Judith was saying how on Saturday a chef she knows visited with mates and they were at the toilets and they praised them to the skys. Saying you would struggle to see any thing like them in Inverness and around the Highlands. Sometimes it takes some one to tell you what it is about to realise the good that happens in a small place like this. She felt her shoulders going back and thinking well done to all involved, as she was telling me that is exactly the way I felt. All the organising, the grant getting, and claim filling, organising the work, the paper work and all the hassle is worth it as it is a genuine pride the community present to the outside. This is us, this is what we do. Also very important as the grant/budget was tight, too tight as the local builders are taking a hit and will not get all what they are due till later in the year, yet another example of a thriving community. Like wise I have been reading a series of emails from Paul, Life at the end of the road about how much he appreciates his Applenet Broadband connection, just a good feeling which value is worth so much more than price Aaaaah it is good to talk as all these positives come out in chats with who ever.

This morning with some indifferent weather on the horizon but starting with a smart rainbow,IMG_7722

I was down at the pier at the back of nine and took the Varuna alongside to sort out Friday’s last fleet. bit of a mess,


but after a steady hour and a half’s work we were on the way out to the Middle Bank and if the weather held just to haul a couple of fleets trying to hook the missing creels.


Sun dappled Applecross hills to the stern.


First fleet, no luck, but even worse a broken rope so it was an awkward haul from the other end. But put back together and shot again for another try. Next fleet and it was a full house with me snagging one of the lost ones, so buoyed off and finished that one in some squally weather.


Went to haul the one I hooked and buoyed on Friday and that was for coming ashore for a wash. If you are lucky you hook the fleet close to one end, in this case it was exactly in the middle, whatever, got it all back and headed for home by mid afternoon. To counter thoughts of the sad state of the local fishery I love seeing how nature is always working at reproducing and there are lots of new life especially on the creels that have been lying on the bottom for so long. The last fleet had mermaid purses on almost every creel, hassle, they are hard to break off as invariably they wrap themselves around the knot you are trying to untie before the next creel comes up.


But all in all on Friday I had a tangled fleet on board and two missing with another buoyed off in the middle, this afternoon, tangle sorted and fishing again and only one fleet missing. So with the required patience in knowing it works out we are also rewarded with a light show to finish the afternoon.




Just a meeting to go to now but well fed with some Inn pork roast, will have to try to stay awake.

Comments on: "Patience" (2)

  1. Hazel and Dave said:

    Be warned, we will seek you out (Deities allowing) between 27 April and 2 May when we are staying up at Kenmore at the MacIver’s cottage…

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Look forward to meeting you, meeting lots of people who only know the blog, good fun.

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