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Knitting on the Ferry.

Seeing too many people off just now, they do seem to come in little bunches ,these funerals. Today Lena was interred at Clachan and it was the end of an era. As Roddy said in his eulogy she represented a different time. The world is different but on the Street there would have been people spending the time of day sitting on the sea wall, Margaret Mackinnon, or Murdo, Peerie, Stumpy, Barbara, all names from the past brought back to life today through a fine eulogy. It was wistful without being sentimental. Loved the story of Lena, being a top-notch knitter, was knitting a jumper for Roddy as he was home for a visit from Tasmania, she had not quite finished it so she went with Roddy on the Toscaig to Kyle ferry, knitting away and by the time she had got to Kyle, sure enough, she had finished it and Roddy had his jumper for Australia. And on part of the same theme speaking to Roddy Butcher in the Inn after he mentioned that it would take him an hour and a half to get down the Street, and “no stone would be left unturned”. Reminded me of our first outing after we arrived in Applecross, a big wedding at the Drumossie Hotel, a favourite venue for west coast weddings. A tradition, almost lost, when any one from the floor was invited to say a few words. Kenny, also a butcher, stood up and talked about the groom’s mum. He said that they would sort out all the problems in Camusteel, then Applecross, then the country and would even tackle the world problems. This would take a while and then she would buy some meat, a different time right enough.

On the way up to Clachan the Swans were feeding well


and although it was bright it was bitterly cold. north wind does not go well with Clachan burials. Quick mess around at the Filling Station as it was down once again. Struggled a wee bit to shut it down and then reboot which needed a manual poll as well. But left it working and here is hoping.  Afternoon was taken up with getting some prawns for the Inn tonight. So decided to kill two birds with one stone and go down the road on the bike and trailer with the dogs. Out to the Varuna, a check over, pick up the prawns and back ashore. It is nice to see the loyalty shown by the pooches on the shore. A bit of howling as I went out to the boat and expectant relief as I came back to the shore. Then it was to the Inn for an evening shift. Quite busy with the fire end of the Inn full up and all eating well. The prawns disappeared on the night along with scallops, seafood linguine, just the usual fare at the Inn.

From then on it was into a Company Board meeting which lasted through till quarter to eleven but it was all positive items, the toilets reopening, the Flensburg visit, possible renewable energy system for the Hall, lots of admin and an AGM planned for next month. Refusing to upload photos so nothing of the row of cute dogs waiting on the shore, the tractors at the Inn and the Bike Trial scene on the Street in the twenties. Sometime soon though and it now 7.30am and Inverness and Glasgow beckon.

Comments on: "Knitting on the Ferry." (6)

  1. Alex Donaldson said:

    I remember those days sitting on the wall. Murdo was my wife’s stepfather and in 1970 the World Cup final was on TV. Alas it was on a Sunday and TV was banned on the Sabbath. My whole family sat on the wall looking despondent when Barbara came home from her church. Looking at us she remarked how much the congregation would have been augmented if we had chosen a different place to sit. We had many happy times in Applecross and my family still visit.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Replying from Glasgow after an amazing three days of music. Applecross seems so far away after an evening of west African jazz rhythms, but I know tomorrow I will be looking forward to going home. Experienced the Sabbath all through my youth even into late teens and was not allowed to travel back from Uni but had to wait till Monday before heading off. Those memories are a lot softer over time. Roddy’s eulogy was spot on.

  2. Hazel and Dave said:

    Enjoy your time away! Dave just home after 3 days of avoiding the grim reaper again during cardiac inpatient stay. Enjoy what you’ve got, as long as you have it because when it’s gone (in health terms) it is very rare to get much more…

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Very sorry to hear that and hope all is well with you both. We have had a wonderful three days of beautiful music and looking forward to getting home tomorrow. Next weekend is a bit more traditional although a bit of Hindustani thrown in. It is an amazing Festival……again I hope you will be ok .

  3. i love to hear of the people who lived their entire lives in a special place like applecross, knitting their loved ones out. always glad to hear, too, of your indefatigable efforts for the town and the fisherpeople. don’t stop. i always read even if i don’t always comment.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks for the read. I am finding it becoming slightly compulsive, bad english I know, writing the posts so it is extremely rewarding when some such as yourself posts a nice reply. cheers and all the best.

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