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Timeless Wander

Funny old day in which a fair bit was done but did not feel like it. More to do but there is time. Early start to send off more accounts first thing special delivery, then ended up at the toilets again where I finished painting and glad of it. Not the most professional job but then I am not a painter. From there it was on to a couple of discussions about what is happening next on the Company front. All that and it is only mid morning. on a bit of a spur of the moment thing I headed up the hill behind the house with the Dougal family. A wander up and over to some spectacular scenery,


watching a couple of showers of rain making their lazy way up the Sound and the light show to the south.


From here you get to see the winding road to Toscaig,


a little of Culduie, Ardhu,




Camusterrach, Camusteel


and Milton. As I was turning to head back down I stopped to watch DJ and Jon head in on the Grace Anne.


Saw her earlier bouncing across the Bay and was happy not to be out fishing. Of course great views of Skye and Raasay are filling the horizon to the west and north.


The weather is perfect for so many changes of light.


Only on the way down was I caught in a wee shower, but Blair Douglas and Adam Sutherland kept the mood of the hills going on the Ipod. Thought I had “A Northerly Land” and some Runrig to listen to as well but had to sort that out when I got back to the schoolhouse. Alt na Chriche on the way down showed its face almost in secret, little falls as it made its way down the hillside.


Time is something that should not exist in Applecross, that’s what the stone say.


Dougal was by this time filthy and if I had done four miles he must have done fifteen.

Sudden craving for some Toscaig ice cream meant another trip north and this was well-timed for a staff lunch of pulled pork accompanied by a bean and cumin cassoulet. Still wangled the ice cream, that’s for later. While I was up there I did a routine wet dip at the Filling Station


IMG_7376 and noticed what every small holder must wish for at the bottom of a rainbow, a little red Fergie.


So it was back down the road and dropping off Dot and wee visit to see Dolly at the back of her house.


All good stuff to keep me away from the paperwork but that happened early evening and will again in ten. Dougal looks as though he is ready for another jaunt though.


Comments on: "Timeless Wander" (11)

  1. Sheila Capewell said:

    Thanks for keeping us in touch with everything that goes on in Applecross. I love being kept up to date with the pier, the new toilets and other changes. I also love to see the things that don’t change like the fantastic scenery. Your pics today include a couple of the places we’ve stayed in on many holidays. I was surprised that you only recently took an interest in all the bird life in Applecross. It was visits to Applecross almost 30 years ago that started my husbands interest in birds. He’s a great photographer too. if you’ve got a minute check out his blog. There’s also lots of Applecross photos on the ‘Photographs’ tab, then click Scotland. http://www.9inephotography.com/new-blog/

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Birds have never been something I have thought too much about and it is the blog in a way that has sparked my interest off. It is good to know what you are looking at as opposed to just thinking it is “pretty”. I suppose I have had the basics…field fares and wax wings along with most of the seabirds, but I do like to be told about the turnstones etc. All good knowledge. Going to look at the blog tomorrow. Time as the weather not good. Most of Applecross feels timeless. We just scratch the surface.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Lovely photos, a step up from mine, enjoyed them. As with the birds another late interest I may be developing although I have to learn about camera care.

  2. What great views. Always wanted to walk from Couldoran up over to Applecross but never managed it, did manage to get to the top of Beinn Bhan to see the views. Dougal Looks tired though.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      He could have done it again. I have promised myself more time up on the hills this summer.

  3. Lovely photos Ali

    We heard the BBQ was good fun it was a shame you didn’t go

    Saw a picture on your blog of the back of our house Its good to see

    Liz and Jan

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      That and the engagement party on saturday meant it was a full social weekend in Applecross. You can be part of it even if you are not there, hope that makes sense. Well done on the house, going to be good to see it brought back to life.

  4. I enjoy your walks Ali – thanks!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Bit bumpier than yours Rob but I am sure no more enjoyable. It is good to find time to take them.

  5. the light is so unbelievable every second of the day. and young dougal must be the luckiest dog in the universe (excepting Miss Molly Camilli across the water in arnish).

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Dougal has never met Molly but I am sure they would have a good time together. Only met Paul for the first time last autumn, but keep up with what is going on. It is a good way of finding out what is happening around your own area.

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