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At Last.

Over the last few weeks, partly through low energy levels, always finding something more interesting to do, but mainly because at times I dislike book work with a passion, the deadlines have been looming ever closer. Well today, mainly as I am feeling so crap about it I finally broke through the book work block. At times it felt an almost physical block, that is how bad it has been, I have been painting the public toilets rather than doing the paper work. Today however it began, partly as it has been going on so long you are afraid that you have lost important bits of paper, but so far, not too bad, and the trip to the accountant may be more humorous than dreaded and fines should be averted. That batch of “stuff” has been done. Now it is my own but hoping I am on a roll. Yesterday I was still in my avoidance mode and admittedly the health around the head area was not the best, not migraine level but not far of shut down. A cycle up the road with Dougal and Co to meet with Bill about alternative energy, he was instrumental in fitting our air source heat pump. Then a wee trip down the road before back up to the Inn for a fish and chips, then home via the shop, past another wood pile.


I think one of the views I never get used to is the one to the south west of the Cuillin, it so often is different almost every time you look at it.


The rest of the day was just survival mode  but did mange to watch the two episodes of the Bridge that I miss on Saturday evenings, working at the Inn. ALPS meeting scheduled in the evening but an hour under way before I remembered and would not have been fit for it anyway.

Due partly to the inactive day, although the 10 kilometres on the bike should have helped, turned out to be a pretty restless night and sleep had a major interruption around 4am. Mind you it may have something to do with the bright light outside, with the whole Sound lit up with the bright moon on the water. Not got my night photography sorted out so this has to do taken from the garden.


This morning it felt as though I was under supervision. Although a bit of a late start due to the broken sleep, the weather good but I have to sort out the shore stuff first and then enjoy the life on the water. Thursday if weather is good is going to be fun. Sight to the south was pleasant as I headed up the Tor Mor to see what was going on with the planting progress.


Machine in last week turning over the turf ready for a mini broadleaf forest.


Off round by the Hall and down to the shop with the hunting of rodents going on on the Tor Mor and every where you stop for a look around.


Although looking very like a spaniel he has a lot of terrier in him. Often when you are working at the wood you can let him out and he routes around. When you are ready to go in you look around for the tail like a periscope above the grass.


So half past eleven and fresh from the walk, late breakfast, good coffee it was into what I suspected to be a disaster, but not nearly as bad as I thought, it often is n’t but it is the thought. Once I catch up with everything there is going to be two hours a week promised so this does not happen again. I do not mind SAD as in a mild form it is a natural wind down for the winter, but this stress thinking of what you should have done, no. Rewarded myself with going out to finish chopping the rest of the wood and that is all in the shed now. So it is back to the “stuff” again after a jaunt with the Dougal clan and a nice cup of coffee. Another little bit of good news there is one set of minutes less I am going to be doing as well, so maybe 2014 is going to be even better than…………… If this keeps up heading off to Celtic Connections next week is going to be stupendous.

Comments on: "At Last." (2)

  1. Hazel and Dave said:

    Have you ever tried the “white light box” treatment for SAD? A good friend of ours is a nurse who worked in totally windowless room, not even a skylight. She found having a box in the room, from early September to late March each year, for her to look into between treating patients to be really helpful. Just a thought.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Interesting, I know it is daft but I try to treat SAD as natural, the only thing is when it stops you doing the important paper work. That has happened this year and only just surviving it, possibly getting everything done on time. It is the stress that is the rubbish side to it. Working on that this year.

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