A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Minibus to Di Minimis.

Not long back from a pleasurable, even noteworthy, walk. Gathered the dogs up, with Dougal looking remarkably frisky again, takes no time at all for his recovery. Not that long since he was standing outside the front gate wet and shivering ing the cold. Bit of snow in the night on the hills anyway.


On the way down the road stopped to have a nice chat with the ice cream man and lady. Engine off and passed the time of day starting with an approving remark about the blog conveyed from Deep South and then into local politics, but more of that later. Still not quite used to people in London checking their e-mails to see if i have posted but thanks anyway. Only the fish van turning up from the south and Kenny from the north cut the conversation short. Nipped down to the shore to have a look at the damage along the wall, the north-westerly and high tide was the most destructive.


With Ollam playing on the Ipod, after a good chat with mates, amazing weather to the west


and indeed all around you cannot but feel connected to your immediate environment…its a meditation in itself. A sit down and gazing over the moorings and further out West all is well in the world.


It’s but a moment’s peace is worth a week of stress, at least it puts things into perspective and helps you through the stress.


A few showers heading to the south chills the air. Almost looks like surf sweeping through


There is a topic that is exercising minds in the community at the moment. It is a genuine puzzle to most people, easily resolved but seems to be misconstrued beyond belief…..the Community Minibus that no one can use apart from the school. As it has not been resolved it would be unfair to write more but it’s a case of watch this space although may be links might be better to explain away the awkwardness. All communities have scraps and upheavals but there are relatively few important ones….this is one of them, the last one being the setting up of the Community Company. On the way home yet another chat on the subject and it is the same theme of puzzlement. No one is personalizing the problem but every one wants the bus back on the road.

Still it’s a good life. Yesterday I was thinking what will I post in the next couple of days….today I could write three. Mind you that is not counting Dougal’s one this morning. Keep saying I am at the toilets and painting, true and the number of times people will be thinking that I have painted them three times over….the trick for me is more often and less time when I am there….means less mistakes as I get fed up painting very quickly, but it coming to an end. On the way there the wee Toscaig Fergie was puffing away on the Inn car park.


After a couple of hours there it was over the hill



to Shieldaig and a massage from Sarah and much-needed.


As usual we sorted out a lot of what happens in the two communities but interesting chat at the end when she puts the physical along with the emotional. Tenseness in the muscles relating to the feeling of SAD, fascinating chat speaking to some one who sometimes knows what is wrong before you do yourself. Feeling good on the way back over to home and before you know it most of the evening has gone. Doing some corrections to the Council minutes and a decision to print out a letter that was received following a request from the Council regarding the bus. I had already read it but not closely as it was mostly irrelevant and depressing, but I had to type it out for the minutes and that is why I keep coming back to this awkward subject. I do not know how you deal with language like this but again people will judge when they read our minutes, although depends on persuasion they will be read subjectively.

So after sorting out the mutt, again the toilets, then down the road it is the Inn tonight, ironic that one of the residents has a beagle that went missing last summer for six days, Mike finding her up the Glen, noticed she was on a lead yesterday. Could be a good mate for Dougal, or not, some wilderness walking if they got together.There was a little show stopper when I was painting away listening to “Aff The Ba’ ” with Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan. They started talking about the Celtic/Euro issues and before you knew it Stuart was talking very specifically about Di Minimis problems for a Borders Community that were trying to roll out their own Broadband system. Seems some rival fans have reported Celtic FC for contravening European rules regarding competition laws surrounding state aid. Stuart then launched into this description of a scenario he knew about in the Borders. He could have been talking about Applecross, exactly the same situation. Agree that un fair competition has to be avoided but like Stuart said regarding the Borders scene, where is the competition? The same here, who else is offering to supply broadband for the Applecross Peninsula, there is no competition. How many times do we have to say this?. We really should be getting help from a higher level to put our case as this is very important as it knocks back funding for any other projects badly needed in the area.

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