A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


Yesterday it just rained and the trip out with the dogs round the Camusteel circle was a wet one.The Alt na Chriche burn in full flow is always worth a stop.


Watching it being split by the stone above the bridge takes a long time…..a lot of water is falling just now, all energy heading for the sea instead of being harnessed by run of river schemes. Cheap and renewable energy. Huge potential, a lot of work for communities, but a great source of income for these communities and fine source of energy for the country. There has to be a better coming together of central government, local communities and DNOs to make the process easier to the benefit of every one. Brief interlude in the weather in the afternoon when a few logs were split and barrowed into the wood store.


Two sets of minutes and some bills paid so the deadlines are being worked on although by no means out of the woods.

Good enough weather for a fish but it just never happened, good and productive day though with a trip down to the pier to see if all’s well, one or two little movements but nothing serious,


after the latest wind and rain. All was well and met Donald on the way and arranged to tow the Michelle round to the Kishorn Yard on Friday morning. Unfortunately he has to get his fly-wheel taken off as it had an argument with his starter motor. To get the flywheel off means the engine has to come out so that takes care of Friday. Can turn a fleet of creels around and do some more paper work in the afternoon before heading off with some to Inverness on Saturday. Stopped several times on the way back as the sun was out and it was still,


mallards on the Caman


and Dougal very interested in being a gun dog.


He loves the water and ducks. Further up the road just to the north of the burn at Culduie stopped again with this burn in spate as well.


Dropping down on the sea-side of the road there is a nice old culvert letting the water away.


Stories all around, looking out to the boats you see a lazy seal lying on his rock, another in the water and it looks like the seagull is not for moving.


All very peaceful and just my imagination, but it is so good the weather has settled and the forecast is for it to continue in this vein. Bit more chopping before up to the toilets


although little was done there but managed to purloin a sample of the latest flavour from Toscaig, a caramel and biscuit layered one which amazingly enough is still sitting in the freezer. It is called “Stormin Norman” remembering our recently departed little Welshman, Norman. Taken away from the toilets by the weather and the full on bird life on the shore below the Coal Shed.


Curlew, oyster catchers, not speaking,IMG_6983 and another flock of small birds that have been around for a couple of weeks,


at least that I have seen. Small, red-legged and very busy working along the shore.




This is the first time I have seen them without the help of Dougal, usually see them in the air heading off with a yelping Dougal behind them….well behind them. He comes back and one tries to save the birds energy but they seem to know him as they do not go far and as soon as he is away they appear back and settle down quickly. Today they are not too bothered as you walk slowly down the shore towards them and it is so quiet and peaceful with the late afternoon sun out. So back on the bike and past the wee light show off to the West


to some more wood chopping and letting Dougal out to try to catch some more rodents.

Comments on: "Birds" (10)

  1. I wish we had some weather like that Ali, those skies look wonderful. Nothing but rain here but hey I live in Manchester so I should be used to it.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      First for a long long time, but think it may be settling down, up here anyway.

  2. What beutiful photos, Snoddie

    Liz x

  3. Hazel and Dave said:

    You had a grand day to be out in heaven! The little birdies are probably Ringed Plover, charadrius hiaticula to any smarties who speak proper ornithology (not us IHTA) of which about 35,000 over winter around British Coastline.


    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you, along with finding out how to test a medium rare sirloin steak today, now I know what a Ringed Plover is. Knowledge is good. Cheers.

    • I would say that those birds are too black and white for plovers, plovers have brown backs and tails; additionally they have orange not red legs. Admittedly, light, time of day, shadows etcetera all have a part to play, but I would favour another bird; especially as I have only seen individuals and pairs since I’ve been in Applecross…happy to be proved wrong though. Might go and take a look myself tomorrow – low tide.

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        I am out of my depth Angus so going with the flow. There were about 15/20 of them, don’t know if they were the same ones but a group in Camusteel bay as well but Dougal got to chase them so was not so close , but think they were similar numbers

  4. Lorna Davidson said:

    Could be Turnstones, maybe? If you get to watch them, they will spend their time flicking or “turning” stones, seaweed, etc.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I think they were as you are the second suggestion of turnstones. Will look for that the next time I am with out Dougal and Co. They were not hanging about, scurrying, good to know what to look for next time cheers.

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