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Dougal meets George.

Dougal met George this morning, George the Newfoundland, who had stayed over night.


Quiet couple of days although a nice morning colour scheme yesterday


and again this morning although the forecast for the week is not good after Tuesday. Cannot say I am too bothered with lots of year-end jobs planned. Surprisingly the Inn was full on again with people waiting for tables. As the curry night at the Walled Garden was packed it was a little unexpected to keep telling guys that their table was just coming up but every one was cool about it as they knew they were getting fed and the menu was as spectacular as usual. One or two of the Walled Garden guests called in for a pre curry lager and only just recognisable,


with Ian and Michelle’s table walking off with the best dressed. So by 9.30pm and after a quick quiz about Scotland that was met with varying degrees of success it was home just before twelve. A group of South Africans were staying at the Inn and after hearing their story I reckon they were not far off becoming a mountain rescue statistic having completed their walk around the back corries from Tornapress after 6pm, walking the hour and a half in the dark with very little to light their way. A very ambitious walk at this time of year and they were out of it and I think realised they had “got away” with some pretty poor decisions.

We had a rather large guest in the shape of George, the Newfy, a big,quiet and affectionate Newfoundland.


I headed up on the bike and took the Dougal family with me for a run out and this was when Dougal met George. He ran up to George who was sitting placidly outside the Inn for a wee chat but got the fright of his life when George stood up to say hello.


Nipped down to the Public Toilets which are looking pretty good and will be back in operation after a major refurbishment. Good to have a public toilet in good shape as often it is the first stop for a visitor and first impressions…..


Slow start to the shift so wandered down to the shore as the tide was out and there were birds across the tide line,


from oyster catchers, gulls,curlews


and hoodies. The hoodie did not care how close I was.




Shift slowly wound up and by the end of the afternoon there was not a spare table, steaks, langoustine,sold out again, scallops pigeon and the rest all being eaten by guys from Lochcarron to Sri Lanka. Life always puts up little conundrums and late this afternoon I spoke to a french couple looking for cheap accommodation. I knocked of £30 quid from the normal price as we had a couple of spare beds but they decided to go looking for other rooms. Unfortunately without any success as everything was either closed or full, another tenner off, but still outside their budget. got onto the phone for them but even up till Sheildaig it was either shut or still too expensive even although cheaper still. Felt not too good as there was an offer of free accommodation if they were stuck, but were they?  And for the people already booked in to the Inn they would not think it was too clever giving a room away for a lot less than they were paying but I probably would have and that is why I do not own a hotel. They will sleep in their car tonight for the sake of a few quid. Is that their fault or is it that we were too inhospitable? I do not know and felt  more than a little uneasy about the situation. Who said life is simple?

Comments on: "Dougal meets George." (6)

  1. Its hard knowing that someone hasn’t got a bed for the night but it was their choice at the end of the day. The Inn charges what it does because that is what is deemed sustainable and keeps everyone in a job. I know it is a tough call but from what I read on your blog and my experience of Applecross hospitality, the Inn is crucial to the whole community and that is surely worth protecting.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Yep I know what you are saying. Probably the mood I was in and I saw lots of layers, were they trying it on although I do not think so, they did have a car after all. Did they expect the price to keep coming down to their level and under lying it all was this mix of commerce verses humanity. At worst they had an uncomfortable night and it really was their decision and like you say the humanity of the Inn is that it supplies a way of life for many people who live in Applecross. thanks for the comment.

  2. You have great humanity which I remember from meeting you 20 odd years ago, and being in a remote place like yours its not nice thinking people don’t have a bed for the night. But the Inn at the end of the day isn’t some large faceless multinational which has a business model which can cope with bargaining when they have empty rooms, you have the responsibility of the community and a reputation which is fundamental to the business and the wider community.

    Perhaps when the temp drops a bit more and the Bealach is closed with snow then it might be a bit of a different story, but that would be different.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers man, just have to go with what comes along and try to work out the scammers from the destitute!!!!Appreciate your comments.

  3. john arrina said:

    I read your blog’s from Offshore Ali.And your humanity is admirable.But I think thay wantad something good for nothing!Keep the good stories up.Weather out in the Atlantic hellish.On its way to you.Baten down!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Hi John, saw the forecast for wednesday on and it looks grim. Did some mooring work and happy to have done so. Phoned Arrina but Muirne was shut down and mentioned Kali was away so she did not get a call!!! Yep they possibly wanted to stay somewhere outside their budget. I suppose it was a question of comfort and not hospitality. Stay safe.

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