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Daddy long legs Crab.

Cycling to the Inn this morning was so peaceful and still. When I stopped at the Milton loch to watch the swans, once the noise of the tractor engine, heading to Camusterrach, had faded all one heard was the calling of a swan. Some thing between a hoot and a whoop. Then as you listened you caught the rapid flapping of  wings as a seabird emerges from a dive. And then nothing, no background noise, just a very quiet silence. Not many places where you come across this, especially when not looking out for it. An uneventful lunch shift just being completed, a staff lasagna on the cards and a walk with Dougal should complete a fine sunlight afternoon in Applecross. Of course behind the scenes hen houses are being built, toilets painted, pigs  being fed and piers being planned. This part being written towards the end of the shift on the wee iPad suggesting not many people in.

It is a thinking time of year as plans often go awry as weather intervenes and, in my case, the odd health wobble. Out as planned Friday morning and pleasant enough it was with the sun hitting Paul’s mast on the north end of Raasay and the south end of Rona also getting some much-needed shine.


Not much to report on the prawn front, meaning not many prawns and not many sightings of traffic, the odd one heading north.


Often get these wee crabs, the daddy-long-legs of the sea.


Usually they get one of their really long claws caught up in the creel mesh. Unfortunately during the day the pain killers were only just allowing me to function, which was a pity as I had looked forward to going out but such is life. Sarah turned up and massage completed but by then I knew that the next wee while was not going to be enjoyable. As Amy had her little show and presentation on at the Hall, after coming back from dropping off the langoustines it was a lie down with the intention of heading out but not to be. The next four hours were spent covered in “concerned” dogs and dozing in front of some very uninspired rugby, although did have a good hour watching Country on Beeb 4, Tammy, Kris, Rita, Dolly, Kenny, glen, all there but Willie Nelson singing “Always on my Mind” is hard to beat.

Yesterday morning unfortunately was a continuation, slightly surprising, but as, I had slept through six hours of a migraine, then that is a bonus. Meant the planned fish did not happen but eventually made it to the Hall to see Amy’s landscape presentation.


Bit of a long, head down walk to get there and to the shop before turning for home.  While out I thought these two photos summed up the mood,


sometimes you do not see the familiar but the oak tree in the field in front of the Schoolhouse shows a successful fight for life while growing through, round a barren rock.


Possibly the result of the only place it was allowed to grow. Recovery took shape by mid afternoon and made it to work despite calling in sick at 12pm. A good, steady evening topped off with a “Movember” quiz organised by the “Movember Girls” and conducted by Paul. Made it to half time with the Greek living in Dublin and the German lawyer, Andross and Kim. Bit of an Irish theme as residents included a guy from County Clare and a girl from the “north”. Before the quiz we were regaled with a few songs from John and Lorna, of Tarneybackle fame, John is, despite the photo,


a very happy and jolly chap and I spent some good time in their company talking about this and that, mainly about next September. Every now and again, with genuine excitement. The quotation round of the quiz and Dougal’s desire to get outside again meant I had to leave early with not too many regrets.£200 raised for Movember….nice one.

I will never know if it is because one goes through a bit of pain your senses are a bit sharper but going past the lochside this morning was stunning and deserved the stop, look around and listen. Before work I headed over to the Public Toilets which are completing the refurb to take a couple of photos but decided to wait a day or so. It is on schedule with painting, fittings floor all done and connections and clean up this week to be done on time. Scarily short of time but another community project near completion. On the way back a blink of sun over Clachan caught the eye.


Today’s little surprise was the visitors on table 4, when chatting to them, as you do, it turns out one of them had a strong Applecross, no, Toscaig connection. So I asked what it was and he said his aunt Mary Kate used to live there. There was quite a stunned silence when I told him that she was my Dad’s first cousin…..could tell he was not expecting that response. Only in the Applecross Inn.

So back on the bike after the fine staff lasagna,chips and peas to some beautiful scenes off to the west,


truly an amazing place to live. We, inhabitants quite often find lots of different ways of not getting on with each other but, boy, when you take time out and have a look around and see the awesomeness of nature….. With the landscape theme in mind even the metropolis of Milton was looking grand with all it wires connected to the outside world.


And that would have been enough for the day but I have to thank Dougal and the family for getting out and up Tor Mor for even more spectacular scenes.


The Ronja heading north with a heavy load in weather as different as could be when I last saw her turning around on Wednesday morning in a storm force 10.And finally the sun sets on a varied three days. “A Northerly Land” was playing through out the writing of this post. I wonder if any one else heard it?


Comments on: "Daddy long legs Crab." (4)

  1. Love the pics really cheers up my day reading your posts ,reminds me of our day out on your boat,more power to your elbow. Ian (sun inn Dalkeith)

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers Ian, thank you very much. hope all is well and have a good season. I suppose it will be winding up.Cheers again.

  2. Beatiful photos as always Ali. I love seeing them.

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