A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Storm and After.

Despite feeling a bit shaded, accept it is the time of year and weather, although yesterday’s storm has abated. The rollers are still coming down the Sound and twenty years ago I would have set off for a challenging day at sea, but sense prevails and the wind and sea is forecast to continue to decline. Mid afternoon and it seems to be doing just that. Things to do up here are never hard to find, it is just the energy and will to do them. Yesterday was an excuse day and enduring a storm from the north is one of the extremes we have to put up with. Gusting storm force easily.





On the early morning dog preamble I noticed a splash of spray on the Sound and could barely make out a ship heading north butting into the storm. I nipped back in to see if I could get a zoom shot on the boat but she disappeared in a squall and when I saw her again she was making south having turned around. Checked up on AIS when I came home and sure enough. Do not think the Ronja Commander has done that very often as she ploughs her way up and down the Fish Farm supply route. Made it out with the dogs with the intention of filling the van with some seaweed from the Bay but the height of the storm saw that off. Not too much storm damage due to the direction rather than the strength of the wind. A bit more easterly and there would have been more disruption.


Evening was a gentle shift at the Inn and although the Inn was full there were very few others out dining. Enjoyed a bit of banter with the German Geordie. Also had an interesting chat with an SSE chappie who was working at the Corriemoillie sub station installation and giving him a moan about our own connection problems. Very sympathetic and told me the list of works on the grid is stretching out of sight. But the big developments seem to be getting priority, no surprise there then. Talking to Robert, who is developing his croft at Milton, about a meeting they had this week. It is the planting that is going to be taking place behind Tor Mor as part of the ALPS. Around six hectares of broadleaf planting for the future, turning barren, bracken infested ground into a native broadleaf forest.


Not a bad scheme for a group of crofters to get involved in. Over time I am sure there will be managed grazing animals wandering about a much improved landscape, better than the overgrazed wasteland of today.  And of course, as I was working, finished off the night with a golden syrup/blackcurrant/raspberry ripple ice cream.

Nice variety to the day as it was off down to the pier to do some creel sorting and get the seaweed under way. Had to put something in the back of the van to justify the run down the road.


Then it was down to the shop with the Dog family where I got the boost of the day. Stopped to have a chat and was very pleasantly surprised about the comments about the Blog. A lady from Deep South who has a long connection with Applecross and also who has been going through difficult times told me that the Posts from here helped. It was obvious through the conversation that the connection is very deep and the Gaelic phrase/question came to mind “Where do you belong?” and not the less important one “Where are you from?” Thinking about it I was saying exactly the same thing to the German Geordie last night. He had been in Newcastle for ten years and the pull of “home” was getting weaker. Friends remain the same even from distance but he was saying he belonged in Newcastle. I laugh after having one of these conversations, although I do look around a bit first. Not to lose sight of the difficulties the front page of the WHFP has a story of how the smaller 20kw turbines put up by communities are causing severe amounts of hassle. Firms going under and technically sub standard units paid for. As if life is not hard enough….Filling Station. Seaweed off loaded and on a couple of the beds. Dougal and his Mum, Eilidh rodent hunting industriously on the other side of the road.


The usual ever-changing back drop where the Cullin shows a blink of sun on her


or the shafts of light coming through the cloud as a back light for Ardban.


Some more minutes to do before the evening shift so this will be finished later tonight.

Another easy winter shift. Good to see John and Lorna back up for a few days. Interesting topics at the end of the shift. So fishing tomorrow. Crazy but really looking forward to it.

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