A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


Although there has been a bit of snow about and seen some cracking pictures of snow-covered mountains on social media, there has not been much in these parts. A smattering on the Bealach but not enough to cause any travelling difficulties. Weather at sea has not been the best over the last couple of days, not stormy but fresh enough for me not to worry too much about going out. In fact, cycling along the loch side today I was half thinking I “should” have gone out as it looked fairly quiet in between a squall driven day. But settled myself with thoughts that seemed to come right on top of each other. First the Inn have lovely fresh langoustine on the menu, then I thought I have n’t really any debt at the moment and then I remembered the last couple of days I have been out it was hard graft and I want to continue to enjoy fishing so if I keep going out on these days that enjoyment will fade. What am I going out for if the first two thoughts are true? At the Inn before I knew it and a cup of tea before going to gather some winter wood.

Reading the other day that the 1st of november is Samhain in the old Celtic calendar, The Day of the Dead. This is when the spirits of those gone before walk the road of life with the living. Such a strong Celtic, oral traditional feel to this and is in keeping with safeguarding the memories of our forebears. The Applecross Heritage Centre is a fine place for this. This has replaced the visiting of houses by the men of before. I remember, but did not appreciate it at the time the folk that used to visit my Seanair’s house in Toscaig, Kenny,Danny and the Donalds and Duncans of whom there one or two.

On the way to the wood, passing the Big House there were three imperious stags sitting on the front lawn.


They were fairly unconcerned and only moved as I got a wee bit too close for their comfort.


They were obviously in too good shape for any one to take a pot shot at and they are now safe for another year any way.


Back on the bike for home, via the shop, and as there was another squall passing through, stopped for a craic in Ali’s kitchen. Talking about this and that and that. Mainly about that which has to be sorted out next week. Going through Camusteel the sheep heading along the shore made me smile and stop for a shot. Who says they don’t act like sheep, it’s only when humans do this there is usually trouble in the air.


Straight back out for a Dougal walk as they had been in most of the morning and


as usual the weather puts up so many views and changes in light that these walks although not very long in distance take a fair bit of time.


Throughout the last couple of days there has been only one piece of music on the computer and that has been the soon to be released A Northerly Land by Iain Copeland iaincopeland.com/a-northerly-land/. Fabulous music with some brilliant poetry from George Gunn.

On a curious wee note I have noticed over the past couple of days how emails can be easily misread or misinterpreted, I suppose that goes for what I write here. Often people say that they read between the lines, a curious expression in itself. That is always going to be the case if you put something out there. Probably talked about this before and it is the same at the Inn you always remember the negative comment. And again like the Inn the support one gets far outweighs the daft stuff. Talking of the Inn, it was Kylesku Hotel’s night out and they were busy celebrating a successful season. They looked a happy, together team, Paul’s last night as another family leaves having done Applecross, reluctantly I have to say. Regulars Steve and Di are back for yet another year. They were telling me that they started coming here in 1990 and there have been huge changes and people since that time. There is a whole post there. Catriona from Kenmore was in too and I am hoping to get a history of Uags and the Crowlins from her. A Northerly Land is back on and I think it is off to Inverinate on Friday to hear Sketch. The only thing I am short off is time.

Comments on: "Samhain." (4)

  1. Lovely to read about the Samhain, Ali

    Liz x

  2. Ali – thank you for the introduction to the Iain Copeland album – a masterpiece! Ordered and downloaded.

    Interesting what you say about different peoples interpretation of the written word. In my view, good writing is artistic writing, and like all good art the interpretation is down to the observer. People will read into a piece that which they want to see, and the interpretation is more a reflection of them, the reader than of you, the writer.


    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I was speaking briefly to Iain on Friday and managed to tell him, hopefully in not a too sugary way, that I thought the new album was brilliant. About the writing, good stuff. While I would never go as far to say I write, more opinionated public diary, since national politics have hit Applecross you find you are put in a box. The most irritating thing is you get words or sentences quoted back at you that, taken out of context, appear “hostile”, a word often used to describe what I write. On their own they may appear that way but back in context I hope they become part of the story. Thanks for your comments, always thought provoking and believe me I could write a diary that would mean I would have to leave here!!!, but would never. We have our disputes here, like everywhere else, I’ve compared with the Bucks, and I find them really hard to write about as they can seem so personal. cheers anyway Ali
      ps writing this with “A Northerly Land” playing.

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