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Celtic Wedding.

First post I have started in the Inn. Depends on how many hours one gets during the winter I reckon this may be a good place to post from. Just met an interesting lady from the south coast who was speaking to me in a manner that I would probably  have to know some one for ten years to click like that. Quite amusing how some people can be so open so quickly after meeting you. Chatting about living in the present and a bit of spirituality, stuff you have to be careful about when speaking to some one you know.

That was all I managed in the Inn and it is hard to believe that it is only three days since my last post. The Celtic Wedding was the main feature over a busy weekend of events , work and meetings. Bad weather on Friday meant immediately after posting it was into the van for the first time for a fortnight and off to Shieldaig for a massage. The colours and weather do fill you with a wonder and awe.



You just have to stop the van and get out and then you see even more.The beauty of the environment is supreme and all the hassles and scrapping just fade away when you take time out to just look.


 Came up a little earlier to help the shift go smoothly and was rewarded with another light show.



Although caught a little by surprise the lady chatting to me on Saturday evening was so right in what she was saying about living life, and now. Grand massage, a lot deeper and less painful now, and set up for a busy evening. With the Boss away at Keith’s funeral, it was Jill and I dealing with the influx from The Dingle, Bantry Bay and Tralee. There were others but the west coast of Ireland’s accent is the best and they took over Applecross for the weekend. Superb, food, banter and craic, but  the Inn was under instructions to close at 12am to enable the wedding to commence on time on Saturday.

For me, it was off out to catch a few langoustine for the weekend and with the forecast poor for the afternoon I hoped for a quiet morning. Awkward south-easterly meant a long and tiring day but was ashore before it turned to the north and blew a gale. On the way home met Sarah and Aron on their way home from market, and a quick sale of fresh prawns took place.


Have no traders licence so hope the Cooncil will not come after me. A quick look in the back of the mini revealed some hens and ducks, silver laced Wyandotte hens, no less.


And then it rained and rained and rained. A quieter evening shift at the Inn as all the guests were at the wedding but still busy enough to keep occupied. And then it was off up to the Garden where we went on to driving duty. Started at 12am, admittedly with not that many to take home, but it was rapidly 4.30am when I made it home to sleep on the couch. Before I mention it I really hope that everything turned out for them but, for me anyway, a major domestic erupted and it was just hilariously Celtic. Wincing at the language they were hurling and seemingly it was so insignificant, the cause, but with a few Guinness it rocked on. The Boss spent an hour gathering up their bits and pieces, jackets, fags, glasses etc  before managing to take them home to continue the scrap. I got a potted family history of her uncle as I took the niece home which explained some of his sensitivity. Families….don’t you just love them. Has to be said in no way did it spoil anything and the wedding was a fantastic spectacle in the Teepee set up at the Walled Garden. Hardly any one mentioned the torrential rain driven along by a gusty wind. At the end of the evening the mother of the bride did mention how careful they had been with the dress in the morning, wearing white gloves while handling it, she made this comment as she saw her daughter going into the house still in her wedding dress which now had a brown tide mark two feet up from the base. Last trip of the night went on an hour longer than anticipated as when I drove the bride and groom home the house was locked. I reckon all three of us coped remarkably well for the next hour, trying and failing, to find the key and checking to see if the door was really locked as opposed to jammed….locked. Minor brain wave when I got a spare from the hotel key rack and all ended well with every one’s composure well intact.

Three hours sleep and back into it. The two combatants from the previous night were “together” briefly this morning, he for a few hairs of the dog and she for a tea and bacon roll. He was on table 4 and she was on table 2 with a wall of ice between them and a gentle hurling of abuse before they went their separate ways. They did provide us with much entertainment but I sincerely hope they have made up by now. One advantage of being so drunk is that hopefully they forgot much of what they said to each other. As ever there is always other stuff going on, in this case a Coastguard meet.


Into the afternoon and the Lochcarron musicians played some cracking music, amplified, and the flutes and whistles in particular sounded great. A couple of show stopper songs, one of Runrig’s, Blood Turned to Stone followed by an Edith Piaf classic. Not often you can say that but remember this is Applecross.

Community Company Meeting in the evening, followed by fond farewells and a selection of ice creams, hazelnut, raspberry ripple and rum and raisen, while watching Homeland. No wonder the head was in pain for most of the day, only spotted by one local.

Deep sleep followed by a day at sea. Again a forecast that was not quite up to scratch. the rollers from the weekend were still coming down the Sound and it was hard graft getting the 350 creels up. The light shows over the last wee while are just amazing.


Probably just as well the days are shorter as you would get little done, just watching it change by the minute. It is rainbow season as well.


On the way in, listening to The Culture Show on Radio Scotland and with the sun setting astern, on came The Alexander Brothers singing Nobody’s Child, their biggest “hit”.


It was played as a tribute to the passing of Jack,I think, Alexander….ach you canna beat it. On the way up the road I could not keep my eyes on the road and no wonder.

IMG_6090The abiding memory of the weekend was everyone said again and again how welcome they felt in Applecross and that is a tribute to every one at the Walled Garden, the Inn and everyone who spent time with them. Applecross at its best.

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