A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Solitude Works.

Wonderful weather over the last three days, with the mornings in the lower light showing off the neighbours well.


The fishing is pretty poor with only a couple of bright spots down by the Range. Possible little break in the weather coming tomorrow as wind from the east forecast to increase. Any wind at all and I do not see me going out. One reason why I still like the fishing so much is that I tend not go out in breezy weather, bouncing around hauling empty pots is not good for the soul and there is so much to do ashore, so much so that I now power nap during “Murder She Wrote”, same story every night so if you see the start and the end you know what has happened, and am doing a couple of hours+ in the evening now just to survive. May catch up some time. Also doing a lot of reading of posts that put into words better than I can on issues that are not in the main stream media any more. I wonder if the next generation will get most of their info from the social media streams.

Sunday was another extremely busy day, weather being the best and they came from everywhere. I met the Canadians, Mackenzies, on saturday evening


and they were staying till monday morning. Managed to disappear for an hour to take Dougal and Co out and about, so still.


Believe they were putting a friend/relative to rest when I headed back up the road and they celebrated by enjoying the Applecross experience, welcome, hospitality and sunset.



Always thought that these occasions should be happy ones as you reflect on the good times. Not something we do too well on the west. the last wee while the sunsets have been up to scratch and have had a few visitors just going quiet in the awe-inspiring scenes. Nice chill to the air as well and every light change happens so quick. Piping in the Garden adding to the atmosphere. Not sure about the pipe bag on the table though.


Finishing off our Community Company Board minutes and it makes for interesting reading. These Meetings, there have been way too few in the summer, are never boring. There is so much to do at the moment, keeping books, trying to keep the Filling Station up and running ( engineer up agin and it has not been down since ), Broadband installation, Toilets renovation and the Hydro progression. More on the Broadband soon as it is progressing but not as quick as we would like and certainly not as speedy as the waiting connections. There is a whole post on the progress and problems, the different approaches, but the best bit I see is the innovative installing to get the more awkward places connected, working out power sources and lines of sight. Trip to Rona on the cards as we are trying hard to installed the relay there before the winter comes in and getting round the North coast linked up.

Listening to Justin Currie being interviewed this afternoon and empathized with his desire for solitude in order to pursue his song writing. Liked his view on his own life, good fortune all the way and never had to”suffer”. Being out on the Sound in your own wee world processing your thoughts and just being, good fortune, taking in all the light,scenes and experiences,






something to be appreciated amongst all the carp.

Matey is becoming a regular feature on his drying pole.




Comments on: "Solitude Works." (4)

  1. basketbob said:

    “I wonder if the next generation will get most of their info from the social media streams.”
    They could do worse Ali. I watched the BBC news last evening, and one of the main features, after the disgraceful shambles of the Royal Mail giveaway, turned out to be nothing more than a huge advertising feature for Burberry. Gah!
    Enjoy your solitude – It works the same as sleep – gives you the time to put your house in order, so to speak :0)
    Great pics, as usual!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks Bob, just been reading that the R.M. site in Islington if developed will be worth £1 billion, 3 to 1 of the population against it….no wonder more and more people up here are thinking may be we can do it better on our own. Surely politics is for the betterment of all and not just your mates. That feels better.

      • Sadly Ali, I feel that modern day politics has nothing whatsoever to do with the protection and betterment of all, and this is being borne out by practically every decision that has been made by recent governments. I just wonder if the populace will rise up against this rape before it is too late, but I doubt it – there’s more interest in Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey – the new opiates
        Soap-box away again for another day! 🙂

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        I always call this “circuses for the people” similar to the Fall of the Roman Empire. Keeps people’s attention away from the real stuff and it seems to work, nothing wrong with a bit of entertainment but when that is all there is then we are in trouble.

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