A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

A Navel Gaze.

Wanted to write a post last night but just not awake enough. Tired from getting back on the water even although I did not haul the number of creels I had planned.


The weather has been stunning over the last two days looks like the same will be happening today and into next week. Calm waters, blue sky and bright sun, langoustine are a bit indifferent but you cannot have everything.IMG_5801


This blog was mainly going to be about blogging in a small community and how and what i write is read and even misread. We have a capacity of putting people and ideas into boxes and ignoring what they say, only picking out what confirms which box you are in. So a wee disclaimer is needed here. This is my blog, my opinions and not written either for, against or behalf of any organisation in Applecross. I just happen to be on the Community Council, The Community Company Board, The ALPS Management Board etc.  They all have their own outlets and this is mine. I actually write for myself and have taken over a year and a half to say that and I have to thank numerous people in helping me get to this point. And recently I have met some good people who have been very encouraging in helping me establish the blog and have urged me to keep it going. In many ways it is therapeutic and helps keep stress levels in check, and yes we do have lots of stress living here. I am also very aware that I live in a small community where small disputes snowball out of all proportion and if writing about them, I have and will never name names in any criticisms. People often tell me what they read between the lines and fine. But that will not stop me saying what I believe and so far even from any one that disagrees with what I say no one has accused me of lying or distorting facts. What is not true is the reasons that have been put forward that I have specifically began this blog as part of some campaign, whatever that may be. It has simply evolved. For those that get upset I suggest, don’t read it…..I do not read the Daily Mail. Now I am smiling as I recall what two people have said about me and what I do, “Don’t worry you will always be wrong” and “Maybe he says too much”. Loved the second one as it was classic west coast understatement. On the up side and it balances everything and more, I was told the blog helped in some one getting through a period of depression. That did stop me in my tracks and puts the negative comments in a box of mere irritation. Enough of the navel gazing.

On the way back from Uags, as I mentioned the weather was poor and this shows the power of the sea.


There was also a rescue of the Gulu the day before led by Donald and Co . All worked out well with no damage and she is sitting on Ewen’s mooring.Yesterday, although tiring, and in some ways a little disturbing as I listened to some one else’s story at the end of the evening, was very fulfilling.Wonder where they are going?


And he is becoming a regular on the way in now, poser.


On the water processing one’s thoughts into a little coherence, not solving anything, listening to inane chatter from Stuart and Tom on Aff The Ball and coming ashore with another fleet to wash it was up the road on the new mode of transport, electric bike and trailer. Possibly the first prawns to be delivered from boat to plate by electric bike.


Called in for Dougal and Co to combine the work with the dog walking. Have to watch I do not go too fast for Jenny, the granny, as she is not as young as she used to be, as they say. With Jill gamely trying to keep them under some sort of control while I landed the weekends catch. Back off down with Aron discussing the possibility of starting an electric bike club. Although clubs, even for over 40s, are supposed to be secret.


Evening shift at six and slightly manic, second week in October and the Inn is packed, but not a complaint in sight or sound, went like a dream despite me missing out a chicken breast on the big table. even that works well for everyone as you double-check your orders for the rest of the night and I had to with the group of ten ordering at half eight with the menu specials running out and people changing their minds. Was this the same day I was steaming past a little pod of porpoises on the way across a glass calm Sound.?


Comments on: "A Navel Gaze." (6)

  1. basketbob said:

    Ali, your blog is great, and never doubt it. I don’t always read it, and I don’t always comment when I do read it, but I DO enjoy it. Your life is a fine balance of sociability and solitude, and hard work and enjoyment of simple pleasures, and that’s what makes life worth living.
    I love your photos too – they remind me of a fine week we spent at Applecross – thanks!

  2. Will Roberts said:

    Hi Ali,
    Since meeting you all at the Inn a few weeks ago now, I have been an avid fan of the blog, it has confirmed what we thought about Applecross and it’s community, that is we want to move there, so we have found a property to rent and should be with you by Christmas.
    Hope you all keep well and hope to see you soon.
    Kind regards,
    Will & Deena.

  3. Sheila Capewell (grand-daughter to Nettie Finalyson) said:

    I enjoy your blog and photos very much. We were in Applecross last week and didn’t get to meet you as you were traveling but had a chat with Judith. We had a very mixed week weatherwise. Ate a couple of great meals at the pub. Really enjoyed the Heritage Centre too.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Sorry I missed you, next time. For a wee place there is always so much to do and thanks for your appreciation.

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