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To Uags and Back

Good introduction back onto the water this morning. Compared to the last trip to Uags this one went so well that on the way home it cross my mind that it was going a little too smoothly, and the only little mishap happened soon after.

Back from Italy I was informed that another sea journey to Uags was requested by the MBA. Heart sank a little as it was ridden with hassle the last time I went but back home now I realised that it only took four phones calls to organise. No idea how much stuff or what was going out but down at the pier, Jill, Angus and Liz and Jane helped load up.


Little hiccup before that was I forgot my camera from previous night and had to nip up the road to the Inn….on the bike of course. Change of mind-set still to kick in but will when I have to retrieve items forgotten. Before it would have meant just jumping into the van, not now. With Liz on board it was out into the Inner Sound rollers, broadsides on to the northerly that was trundling down from the Arctic, before turning to the south. Easy journey with the motion square on the stern and passing the history of Ardban, Coillighillie and the Crowlins we arrived safely at Uags with a brief escort of a pod of porpoises.

Good company and just as well seeing as helpers not available meant there were just the two of us to unload. The Skye Bridge caught the eye as the sun broke through.


With everything ashore it was just a case of taking the dressed wood up to the bothy along with a couple of boxes and stacking the rest on the grass, weighed down.


Bothy is well made out and the guys have done a great job on it.



I always feel a little sadness when I look around that is only alive in memories and these fade over the ages.


A comment made by Steve comparing what was the Scottish example of the village I saw in Lombardy would be. Ruins and desolate hillside, well here it is. When I first came to live in Toscaig in the early 80s Danny Mor was living up the road from us and he had come from Uags.


On the voyage back we hit a bit of roughish weather and were butting into a strong northerly, so no surprise , the rope snaps on the dingy. Off round to pick it up again with new rope and boat hook at the ready. Under way again when this time the ring is pulled out of the painter bracket. Around again using the last bracket with a back up rope around the seat to get home. Passed a sentinel on the way in to the mooring but he let me in as I have fed many of his mates over the years. What goes round, comes round.


Yesterday the weather was cruel, horizontal sleet and hail squalls accompanying a north westerly gale.


No intention to do anything at sea so good opportunity to learn a little more about wood from Clive www.scottishwoodlandskillcentre.co.uk/ Absorbing to learn how to stack wood and the art of drying it and getting the right moisture levels for the right burning.


Neat little Scandinavian candle burning outside in the gale as well.


This was another event organised by Applecross Energy Efficiency www.spanglefish.com/applecrossenergyefficiency/ and was preceded the day before by a domestic chainsaw course. All left with what they came with seemingly. Lots more but work calls.

Comments on: "To Uags and Back" (4)

  1. Ian Maclean said:

    Aye my grandfather came from Uags too. Grandmother was from Kishorn. Then moved to Toscaig and built the house where my father,brothers and sisters were born in the early 1900’s.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I was speaking to Cathy Taylor/Stuart who used to be the matron at Plockton Hostel and she has a fairly comprehensive history of Uags and the Crowlins which is being updated just now and I am hoping to get a copy. My family came over from Harris to the Crowlins before coming ashore. Be a good read. cheers

  2. Ian Maclean said:

    I always feel a little sadness when I look around that is only alive in memories and these fade over the ages.Yes and I remember when every house was occupied in Toscaig and every blade of grass harvested with shoals of herring caught off Toscaig Pier.(and these fade over the ages) but you help to revive them.Summer holidays used to sell them with my father 2 shillings a dozen. (10 pence now) and get as far as Achnashellach Lodge. No it wasn’t that they wernt selling its that we caught so many of them.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I do hanker back to those days and try to dip in now and again. May be going drift netting in Torridon this winter. Even in Applecross today’s pace is a bit much.

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