A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


“If you wrestle with a leopard you may get scratches”, I do like my Yogi Tea sayings almost as much as my Liquorice Tea. They seem very appropriate and often make you smile. A hugely varied couple of days starting yesterday with a day’s fishing although with the forecast for an increasing southerly it was just 300 pots up before heading in.


Langoustine still on the menu so all is still under control. Still catching squats as well. Often people think these waters are fairly colourless but many times something catches the eye. In this case some fern like growth on the rope.


And at this time of year there are many young animals about, the result of successful spawning, and the timeless cycle of the sea.


Realised that the more unusual shell was an unfortunate snail that must have crawled into the creel when it was ashore for a wash and mend.

Early ashore meant I had plenty of time to Head up to the Heritage Centrehttp://www.applecrossheritage.org.uk/heritage.html where there was a showing of some old cine film and some slides based mainly in Toscaig provided by Duncan Scott. I had met the group who were putting on the Saturday evening show on Friday evening and a very pleasant crowd, all eleven of them, eating at the Inn of course.


Duncan Scott kindly gave me a slide of my Seanair, grandfather, Finlay Macleod. That along with seeing scenes of “Tarzan”, Finlay cutting the hay, “Pollack” and Roddy, brought back powerful memories of the 60s and looking at the slide I was surprised how emotional it was. I always used to think those celebs who did “Who do you think you are?” were very actory in shedding a tear at the slightest opportunity…..maybe not. Anyway it was back home and onto the bike for the Dougal walk….he is not feeling his best at the moment but in true Dougal fashion is struggling on.


Last night at the Inn was approached with trepidation as the season is far from over. During the day it was bike city as well as every one else. In the evening it was just the same and although there was a little bottleneck when booked tables did not come up just quite on cue it was all came together in a cracking atmosphere. The new bike is providing a topic for some great banter especially from the Paisley loon on table 6. And again when Andy came down with his group of mountain bikers today. On the way home called into the latest West Coast Shed party, in Milton.


“Where do they all come from?” suddenly came into my head today during the lunch shift but luckily Jill identified it fairly quickly as a lyric from Eleanor Rigby, but by then most of the staff had it in their heads for the next half hour. Off fairly early as it was quite well staffed up and it was back out on the bike with the four-legged ones. Fungi are abundant this year


and Dougal helps with the spore distribution.


So this evening all that was left to do was to assemble the trailer


that the new slim line Caroline had brought back from Inverness. Very neat and easy to put together with the one little problem …the bracket did not fit the bike axle, so off down to Ewen’s and it should be back a couple of mil wider tomorrow. Went down by bike of course. Last blog certainly got a wee reaction from the locale as well as to the north and south of here. Had some good chats especially at the Shed. One comment stuck in the memory was about how many young people had left Applecross over the past ten or so years and also guys that wanted to “comment” but were nervous of doing so….quite sad. But it does not matter if you feel a bit grumpy or cheesed off, some thing or some one always pulls you round. At the Filling Station getting it sorted for some bikers and rebooting time and again for the local card when a Polish guy turns up on his bike (he had eaten in the Inn late last night and “had the best food”) and just commented “another day in Paradise.” He meant it and I understood, despite all the hassles, what he meant. Might take up the suggestion from Achiltibuie to start SPRWC The Society for the Protection of Remote but Wonderful Communities

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  1. Where do they all come from reminds me We’ve changed the lyrics to Echo beach by Martha and the muffins to
    “My job is very boring i’m an office clerk…………Applecross bay…. far away ….inside Applecross Bay ad lib etc etc ” silly I know but keeps us thinking about a better place.
    Roll on 4th October for our Autumn break hugs Liz and Janet xxx

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